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    Where to Purchase Amaretto Products

    Guide on Purchasing Amaretto Products and Where to Find Them

    Amaretto currently offers a variety of breedable products including Amaretto Horses, Amaretto K-9s, Amaretto Barnyard Birds (Chickens & Ducks), and Amaretto Ponie Pals. To purchase specific items like Breedable Horse Food, you would visit the respective Amaretto Horse Store. Similarly, for Amaretto Chew Toys, you would visit the Amaretto K-9 Store, and so on.

    Amaretto operates several dedicated sims where you can always find their products. You can locate these sims on the Second Life Map under the names:

    • Horses and Ponie Pals
    • K9s and Birds

    Additionally, all Amaretto Satellite locations are listed on their website at: http://amarettobreedables.com/pages/locations

    Product Availability at Amaretto Stores:

    • Amaretto Horse Store: Offers a range of products including different types of food, supplements, and packs for breedable horses.
    • Amaretto K9 Store: Stocks items for K-9s such as food, toys, and health supplements.
    • Amaretto Barnyard Bird Store: Features food and health products for chickens and ducks.
    • Amaretto Ponie Pal Store: Provides a variety of food and treats specifically for Ponie Pals.

    For newcomers, Amaretto offers Starter Packs which are designed to help you begin your journey with Amaretto Breedables. Depending on your interest, you can choose from different packs for horses, K-9s, birds, or Ponie Pals, each containing essentials for starting.

    Making a Purchase: To purchase, simply hover your mouse over the desired product, a tooltip will provide details such as the product name, version, and owner. To buy, right-click the item, choose 'pay' from the menu, and confirm the payment. After the transaction, the item will be delivered to your inventory promptly. Accept the inventory offer to complete the process.

    Lastly, ensure your purchases are from official representatives like JJ Cerna, Ancient Biscuit, Mazelina Menna, or PlayfulPonie Resident to avoid scams. More on handling scams and griefers is covered in separate sessions.

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