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    Wild Hair the list is out!!!

    Hello Amaretto family! Hope everyone is having a great day! Sooooo I wanted to talk to you guys about something I have been working on as per your requests!

    Lets talk about wild hair!
    At the time I am writing this connection there are currently over 649 Wild Hairs that have been discovered! 

    Thats a lot! However there are a ton that hasn't been found! So keep searching! 
    I am not adding pictures of every wild hair because you can see most hair by looking up the coat on the wiki!

    So I have added a new page on the wiki that list all Wild Hairs that have been found:

    Remember this is just a list, there is also a place on our forum where you can see pictures of wild hairs that breeders have posted so please add your photos if you want to show off your wild hair!

    Here is the link to the forum:

    I hope this helps you guys in your wild hair quests! Happy Breeding everyone! This is Ava over out!

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