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In my opinion, Josie and her staff had a stroke of genious with the Fresian mane & tails...

Bull Hynes

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Because, once they start passing to albinos, albinos become relevant again. Obviously, only Josie and her crew know if they will indeed pass, but why would they not?

We know they pass to vapors, elementals and confections. And, I know I want that mane and tail on everything. I want them on galaxy, zodiac and everything else. I also want them on every albino.


So, in my opinion...with the release of  one new\unique build of horse, it has the potential to turn the market and community on fire.


Brilliant idea and execution!

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That Mane is awesome and spreading to a multitude of coats already.

Something that I didnt know until it happened to me on the 1st one I got the Shape of the Fresian Mane also translates to the Wild Hair Colors of Manes too.

so even Wild Hairs get a facelift.


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I love the Fresian mane and like Bull working hard to put on all my horses. just got this beauty this morning, and had to birth him! Love it with Wild hair and colors, then to top it off the extra length on non Fresian cots makes it even more beautiful!

Version 7.0
Gender male
Coat: Craved Rainbow Striped Overo Gold
Eye: Rainbow Sprinkle
Mane: Fresian
Tail: Long
Coat Gleam High
Hair Gleam High
Hair Hue Yellow
Coat Opal
Diamond Jubilee Branding
Hoof Dragonfruit
Ear Tip Snowflake
Wild Hair: Molten Roan Gold
Wing Style: Pegasus
Wing Color: Sweetheart
Bridle: Gold
Horn Style: Unicorn
Horn Color: Prism
Saddle Style: Racing
Saddle Color: Topaz Dazzle
Reins: Gold


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