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    July 3, 2011 2:11 AM PDT

    okay i've been breeding since the beginning so call me a noob seriously i never took the horses really 'seriously' till now regarding genetics.  i have an idea in my head of what is correct but i just want to double check it with people who have bred many horses and bred them out good.  so if you could verify my thoughts that would be great.  (most of my knowledge goes by the bunny rules so i just assumed these were the same)


    one horse will have

    one coat (visible when birthed)

    one coat (hidden)


    now, is that hidden coat going to be either arabian, mustang, andalusian, pinto, clydesdale, shetland, painted clydesdale or chimera bindle?  it's not going to have it's visible (eg. painted) then throw a bay as it's invis coat right?


    is there always a newly released coat in a pack?  the first pack i bought (three pack)i got a golden arabian, the second pack i bought, (6 pack) i got a copper andalusian, the third release i bought two six packs and got a brown clyde from one and a red clyde from the other.


    of course i got mustangs and other ones but only one horse with new coats from each pack.


    now i've bought a twelve pack and it's too soon to tell, but will i only get one new coat from it?  would it have made more sense to buy three seperate 3 packs?  can anyone verify they got more than one new special coat from a big pack?


    i heard in chat one starter horse can hold multiple traits.  is this true?


    i really want to keep track of my horses this time as in the past, i kind of just kept breeding them over and over and never got anything good, always havened their babies, got rid of them after a while to keep prims down so never got a chance to even see what some of those horses were carrying.


    this time i'm breeding them with their fellow starters and with my older ones.  but still want to keep track of what i had. 


    any answers would be helpful.


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    July 3, 2011 10:13 AM PDT

    I don't know if the starters can have a hidden starter coat as well, from my experience I have never gotten a hidden starter coat from a starter. Not every starter pack will include a new coat. My last starter packs gave me four new traits, but not a coat. I think you getting a new coat from each starter pack is lucky! If Amaretto told us exactly what to expecet from our starters, it would take the fun out of seeing what exactly they have. You just have to develop a method to your madness as to how you want to plan attmepting to pull new traits. I always start with breeding two new starters together, then pairing them with certain mates that are prone to pulling out hiddens. You should also decide how much time you are willing to hold on to a starter as well. You don't want to have it at age 70 still trying to pull traits out. :-) I have a genetics group in world that I think you would be interested in. It would benefit you a lot if you are interested in understanding the genetics in your horses. We have a sister group right here on this site as well that you can join also. Feel free to contact me in world any time if you have a question, and I can add you to our group. We are 42 members strong. :-)

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    July 3, 2011 3:25 PM PDT
    DJ's Genetics group is pretty awesome! Lots of us talk genes, although talk of the town right now are what the new coats/traits and albino eyes will be. In terms of starters, a reminder (since it came up from the last release of them in March), that if a horse carries hidden new traits (I'm not sure EVERY one of them does), it will be a 1 in 4 chance of it passing to the baby, and a 50% chance from there that it shows. As DJ was saying, breeding starter to starter (to get homozygous like genes for hiddens) and breeding against other horses is one trick. Another is doing back crosses - breeding baby back to starters. We've had pretty good luck doing this with the new traits that we've wanted (I personally never went for braideds or shetlands just because I like andys). Good luck! ^.^

    Oh...and join DJ's group! :P It's great in-world! Here on the Amaretto site, you can post topics in the sister group. I also have a genetics bloggy if you are interested.
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    July 3, 2011 3:26 PM PDT
    ...oh and yes. One starter horse CAN hold more than one new hidden trait. I had one that carried double chill, and another that carried double warmth.
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    July 3, 2011 11:25 PM PDT
    thank you.

    next time they release i think i'll buy three 3 packs, just to be on the safe side, unless anyone can say they got more than one new coat off a ranch pack.

    i really really hope we get new traits!!! wish they would add two more so that we could get 'perfect 12 bundles'. that would make things so much more challenging.