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Paw Polish Trait

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    December 9, 2012 10:37 PM PST

    My Fall SE dogs are halfway through their lifespan, and I haven't had a single kennel that has had the "paw polish" trait passed.  When I click on "parent" info, it doesn't list Paw Polish as one of the traits.  Has anyone else passed this trait?  I may have missed a memo (moved recently), so if there's a glitch that happened, I'm out of the loop.  Is this a viable breeding trait, or just for show on the Fall LE's?

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  • December 10, 2012 3:21 AM PST

    Though it was announced as a passable trait - I've heard of no one who received it. I was excited about that possibility, hoping to deck out some of my old silver & white schnauzers in colors, but it just did not happen.  Now they're aging out and many have paradised them, mine sit in inventory (all but my brindle chi maker :). 

    Excerpt from Connection on Sept. 26th:


    "From September 26, 2012 until October 15, 2012 these Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s will be on sale at all Amaretto K-9 locations! They can be born with any of the available six different coat colors. The Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s also contain the beginnings of a brand new trait and the good news is…they ALL have it and you can see it!

    That’s right these Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s have new Paw Polish traits! The Paw Polish trait is a new trait being added to the K-9s and it DOES have the ability to pass! There are six different designs which are random when purchased as is the gender. Wait there is more!! The Fierce Mist eye and Leaf collars have the ability to pass too!! However, the Fall Fantasy coats does NOT have the ability to pass. So get on over to a K-9 store near you for these cute Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s! Happy Breeding!"

    This, along with not having any doggone MUTTS anymore, kind of put a damper on buying/selling and those pretty k-9's lost their charm in the marketplace faster than any LE's I have seen to date. Makes me feel a little cautious about the next LE, not likely to fork over as much money for as many hounds.


    Hopefully, Amaretto folks will acknowledge this may have been a database glitch where the paw polish just didnt make it, and fix it. Or reward us with an explanation or apology and/or some makeup goodies - like double paradise points to clear the market of the breeds nobody is buying anymore.