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The Market

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    September 25, 2011 8:38 AM PDT

    As a breeder, I have tried most of the breedables and generally speaking always been impressed witth the Amaretto product and services.  When the horse market started to fall off - there was a buzz over the impending release of the K-9s.  I was at an auction last night - my fifth in a couple of days and am suprised at the lack of  market that exists - yes I know it's month end but in the end too many new traits and too many combinations released at once so that everyone has something new.  The original new coats: yorkie standard, bull terrier standard, boxer patch and pug solid have bottomed out with the release of the premium versions of those coats.  A better strategy might have been release the new coats then once traits have been bred in - introduce the new versions.  As it stands, there is very little left that is new or special on the market and breeders are starting to pull back.  I would like to suggest Amaretto try and rebuild a market for its loyal customers by creating something worth breeding for.  Take a true real life trait like Pick (Pick of the Litter) and code in that only Pick parents can breed in a new trait (say Docked Tail or Dew Claws or something else special).  This would create something for us to breed towards instead of over 45 collars or 25 eyes (not sure of the numbers just what I've seen to date).  Better yet give us truly beneficial traits to breed for a special collar - that cuts food consumption or is always at max happiness.  Put some buzz back into the breedable game because frankly with the market flood of endless supplie of combinations - there really isn't must to get excited about in terms of investing your linden dollar.  Amaretto led the way with breedables with the advent of horses - and can do so again with innovative well planned product that has opportunity for profit for investors.  Please consider the market and put some strategic optionin place to create and sustain a market - not just a dump of product to futher saturate a market.  Yes, I'm still breeding them and buying my food and hoping something changes - but like many - there's a point when you see boxers and yorkies and pugs opening at 1K and getting no bids that you have ot ask yourself why are you throwing away your money.  Step up Amaretto and support those of us who have supported you.


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    September 25, 2011 2:34 PM PDT
    everyday i think about it..why did amaretto so many new traits on the market..many flooding the market and some falls down in prices very fast.. what could be the idea.. what wanted amaretto change in a new market..(before they had everytime a good feeling for the market)
    first i thought its a birthday present.. would be nice..on the first view..because every breeder get some new.. but if we see it from the market economy side it is suboptimal to have so much at once..all breeder are seller..but not all breeder are buyer on the market..( on horsemarket are the most breeder seller AND buyer) and the most are afraid to spend much money in a overflooding its difficult to hold prices high for rare traits.. i dont know..if few or some breeder starts the get better traits on new coats..i have the feeling the most want only sell fast what they get from their starter.. but i understand the breeder with high investment that they dont want lost much money.. i did/do both.. first i looked that i can get back what i spent..but i will breed better dogs too..
    many people is a glitch that so many traits are on the market ( i dont think so)
    some people think..amaretto dont wanted really the dogs...
    few people think..amaretto want something do for the little breeder to get more chances.

    before I loved everytime to see..that amaretto have a good feeling to release was perfect.. we could see that amaretto are breeder with a breederheart too and not only a firma with dollarnotes in the eyes.. but this was perfect..they knew what is important for a growing market..if amaretto earn good than the breeder earn good too..if the breeder earn good..than amaretto earn good..perfect match between a firma and community..
    but i have no solution..why they changed their way.. maybe we will see in the future.. i will keep my smile and do my get better dogs;)
    we talked with some breeder about an idea what we can get from K9-siblings.. we dont know..if amaretto will do something with siblings.. but a great idea would be a white shepherd (weisser schäferhund) with special collar or eyes which they can the albinos..;)
    if its to difficult because long hair... it would be great if we could get deutsche doggen (german dogge) the biggest dog in the world..and one of the expensivest dogs in rl...;)
    (sorry english isnt my motherlanguage:P..i hope nobody missunderstand me)
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    September 25, 2011 2:55 PM PDT
    btw..every breeder can write a ticket with ATTN Richie in the subject say suggestions or opinions in a friendly way..i did it too..and i know richie always love to hear what the community has to say;)
  • September 26, 2011 5:53 AM PDT
    Honestly iam also worrying abt market... is not fun all goes down soo much and soo fast... new coats are worth less and less not each day but seems each hour :O and it makes people wants sell for lower and lower prices and i really dont know what forwe have soooo many auctions each day ?
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    September 26, 2011 9:08 AM PDT
    oh yes..damn many sims with daily auctions..some sims with 2-3 auctions daily..totally crazy.. i guess round about 10 auctions daily..on the grid..only for the dogs..what they think..that all breeder with money run to all auctions..its impossible... and so its a new rare thing on the grid..bidfights^^
    but serious..all this auctions together destroy the market too.. because nobody bid on higher prices..and so the most start lower and lower and lower..
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    November 1, 2011 4:22 PM PDT
    Well One of the places I've been working at has a minimum bid of 500L you can only drop once and can't go lower then 500L. My place at Gerri's Ranch also only lets you put one dog or horse per a stall. So this gets rid of the quick buck people that sell their horse or dog for incredible cheap amount. If you can't sell the horse or puppy for atleast 500L then you shouldn't be breeding it anyways. Our prices for the stalls are a little higher too. to encourage serious breeders. you have no idea how many places I've been to that when someone doesn't get a bid they drop it to open bid and some of these places have an open bid of 50L. it's crazy. prices like these don't even pay for food. Now these quick buck people that have the nerve to sell things for that low if they still don't sell they feel discouraged and they go home and they sell their whole herd for even cheaper. How many of you guys have been seeing 10T horses selling for 1k or less? I've tped in seeing the add just apauled at this. I try to message them and tell them that this kind of action herts the market and to check around on prices. But honestly can we blaim them? I think it takes team work to raise or even stabalize a market. It's not just us buyers and breeders. But I wish amaretto would listen to the community when they say not to release so much so soon. like Chao, Joyce and others keep saying new stuff is good but make it rarer and don't release too much. maybe 2 new things a month? I know everyone wants a chance at the new stuff but honestly wouldn't you rather wait a month or two for something to drop to your budget then have them all be flooded and you can't even sell a new trait or coat open bid at an auction? Just some food for thought.....If the auctions go that intise newbie people or get people to see what's popular or more desired.....there goes half the advertiseing for amaretto. I don't blaim auctions...I blaim the people who refuse to hold standards. It's not the same market we had last year. Open bids of 50-200L does not start bid just degrades the quality.
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    November 3, 2011 7:48 PM PDT
    Lucella .... not sure I agree that putting a dog on open bid, assuming their are serious buyers present, will mean that the pup goes without a bid war. I've been in several of those myself that were sparked when the seller lowered the starting price.
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    November 4, 2011 12:55 AM PDT
    I have to say as a breeder that done their horses too and saw it happen first hand, When something new comes out and some one gets it that has no clue what they are doing decieds they hate it cause it is junk to them sells it for 100L just cause they do not care, some of the sellers are in it for a fast buck and could care less. it is a arms race between us breeders and those "greed noobs" that kill the market. I have a soild white pug male and some one offered me 250L for it, i got upset and asked them to leave my sim, mostly not over what they offered but told me i was stupid for not takeing it. I know for fact some places blk and white pugs selling for more then 1k and frankly i would like to see them stay that way. The only thing i know is amaretto lower the price on food and chew toys and us breeders stand our grounds and firm on our prices.
  • November 9, 2011 11:34 PM PST

    I think many breeders do not breed the more pleasurable because the cost of feed and toy are too high for what they have as a result of their breeding.

    Many want their dog to get rid of just yet. Many of the beginning to set only on mass. why there are so many cheap dogs, especially without the traits.

    I think many are also angry because they ... ... like me, neither have new coats, or get new traits. I took a long time that I got new coats or trais so long that they are worth nothing.

    The only problem is that some breeders have everything, what's new on, no matter whether dog or horse, and most part of the breeder, with "normal" to get the money for feed, etc..
    I have been breeding horses for over a year and the dogs, since they are on the market, but I still have not charmed or special one horse. not even in the dogs.

    I think the breeders do not really enjoy it, because the chance to get a good animal is always very low.

    Furthermore, many breeders have the prices in the head as they were in the beginning with the horses. because you could earn much money, with good horses.
    The more breeders were, the more good horses came on the market. So the horses were cheaper. The same is with the dogs.However, when the dogs were already in the beginning like breeders much more than for the horses.
    So the prices are not so high for the dogs at the beginning, as the price from horses. but some of the breeders think so, that they earn money with the dogs as well as with the horses.

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    November 26, 2011 4:31 AM PST

    Mega Spad said:
    Hello Everyone, First off let me start off by saying Thank YOU for taking the time to read this! In this notecard you will find a few ideas on helping out the market, as we all know, the market is falling rather quickly. This is heartbreaking for many, especially the true breeders out there who enjoyed breeding and the challange it brings. You can disagree with me, but it is my belief that the main reason for this is because so many are getting desperate to at least be able to pay for there food for their animals that even though they don't want to they find themselves selling for what they can get, wheather this be for 25L or 500L. I've heard the question : "Why don't these people just HH or PP the dogs & horses they don't want?" well I honestly believe its because people are getting desperate and just want to make whatever they can to make SOMETHING - ANYTHING! off of what they have. I've also heard people say that people are out to just make a quick buck and are just in it for the money, and while this may be true for a few ( I honestly do think its only a few) I believe the main reason people sell for so low is because of the above reasons mentioned, people want ( I know I do) to make enough back to at least feed their animals, maybe help with their tiers, whatever the reason I am sure its a good one. I don't blame Amaretto for this, This is not their fault, they gave us the tools, its our responsibility to use them correctly and work with them! So How about instead of getting angry at eachother, pointing fingers and throwing out blame this way and that way, we all bind together and try to save these wonderful breedables? Here is my idea : Where do you go when you want to look for a certain breed, trait, ect? where do you go when you have something to sell? That's right! The Auctions & Breedable Markets! I propose that ALL Auction & Breedable Markets have a NO DROP Policy along with a minium start bid /sale of at least 200L this would include inforcing a rule that all dogs/horses sold in pens/stalls/stables cannot be sold for under at least 200L. Now I know Auction Houses and Breedable Markets want/need to make money, but my thinking on this would be : If the market dies completely, your auction house/breedable market can die as well. You may think now that if you did this, you wouldn't get any customers, but this isn't true, I've worked at quite a few places with this in order and people do come and people do buy. If everyone in SL starting doing this, then people would have no choice but to pay/buy for higher amounts. Again, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I really hope you will take my ideas into consideration! Amaretto Lover, Mega Spad
  • November 26, 2011 4:59 AM PST
    yes......but how to make people understand this ?
    How to make people to realise that market is all of us and each of us should care about market?
    I also cannot understand what for selling bundle/kennel for 25-50 LS, presonally iam HH all what i would not buy or all what i think is not good enought for sale.
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    November 26, 2011 7:37 AM PST
    Re, the suggestion that all auction houses adopt a minimum price and a NO DROP policy. As a frequent auction buyer of hi value k9's, and a potential seller, the NO DROP policy that some auction houses already have can penalize the seller. I've seen a number of instances when the seller drops his or her opening bid, igniting competition for the pup. Also, as a seller, if you have already invested in renting the stand and theiir just isn't any interest in your pup at what you thought would be a good opening price, a NO DROP policy prevents you from trying the salvage the rental money and also learning where the market for a particular pup actually is.

    OTOH, a minimum price policy at some, but not all auctions, is a good idea.

    In a market that is in flux a variety of selling and buying strategies is needed.
  • November 27, 2011 1:51 AM PST

    In a market where there are still only primarily sellers, you do not need strategy.

    And why are there so many kennels, for the 20 - 50 L $ to sell?
    because it is difficult to get shut existing traits continue into the next generation. would be better a breed traits may then there would be not so many simple kennels and you would keep prices stable, when you see that you can breed good dogs with many traits. People, they don´t get dogs with many traits would buy the dogs with much traits. Same like the horses at the beginning.