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Amaretto Breeders Custom Combo Contest! 

Amaretto Breeders Custom Combo Contest!

Hey guys here is the rules for your horse qualifying for the contest!
*Parents of horse must be born after 7/20/2022
*Must have a total of at least 10 traits
*2 traits must be considered 7.0 traits
*Your 10 traits must be easily accessible for every breeder
*Nulls do not count as trait for your total of 10 traits
*Friesians count as one trait
*Racing trait is considered as 1 trait
*Fresian mane is  considered  1 trait
*Fresian Tail is  considered  1 trait

Entries Must be turned into Avalon Crystal on Oct. 20, 2022

Qualifying entries are at the Discretion of Amaretto.
If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal!

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