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my puppies

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    November 3, 2011 6:02 AM PDT

    Hello fellow K9 breeders, what a wonderful thing we have here, like a fresh start for amaretto these K9 are.

    Okay since the CSR are VERY tight lipped on things does anyone know out side Boxers/Bull terriers/Pugs/yorkies is there anymore new coats hideing in those starter dogs, we just not seen yet.....

     I have been working on a trend dog out of the english bull terriers, yes out of bordom mostly but i have them reproduceing them selves nicely. I have got the Bud light dogs, baised off Spuds. Now i know some will say " she had a black eye patch' WRONG she had a brown one so :P on that I watched enough you tube vids of her and watched closely to see. once i have added in a traited color and maybe one more trait or two ( like eye and something else) i am going to sumit it to amaretto as a trend sitting dog ( like they determained the vamp horses) So if anyone has a opion about an eye and one other trait feel free to post it here and I wish you all the best in breeding.

  • November 6, 2011 3:37 AM PST
    Smiles, I like your style Deven :)

    Haven't heard a thing about any new traits/coats for the K9's, but like you...I've just been working on making my own dream doggies.

    After being gifted with about a dozen glitz eyed schnauzers of every color, I stumbled onto silver/white schnauzers and diamonds and prism collars and OMG - they *excite* me (not the same as the AHEM, lmao).

    You're vanity breed is Spud and I can dig it (smiles). Mine... hmmmm, perhaps Diamond Angels :)

    Best of luck to you and lets cross our fingers that WHEN something new hits the grid for K9's that it enhances our efforts vs. trashes them :)
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    November 6, 2011 4:42 AM PST
    I feel like it will, some people think that Spuds has a black patch but after careful research i have found it is a brown one. Now collar ya i would like a traited one along with some traited eyes, maybe something else. But once i get them pure I will let it be knowen here and if you would like to see them at that point i would be glad to Give you a LM in game to my ranch. Something else more like a side project i have been playing with are demon pugs. Franky vamps are over played. Honestly just cause it is black with red eyes do not a vamp make. I have seen some trying to make vamp dogs but meh i mean for petes sake they vamp roos come on get orginal people for a change. So i have also been working on demon pugs. I finaly found an eye that has a glow look to it i will keep you posted on how it turns out wish me luck ^_^
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    November 7, 2011 9:20 AM PST
    Okay i have been all over hunting for a listing of traits on the K9, i have both books but going through them both makes me cross eyed at times, can some one please post them here, that way i can simpley paste them to a NC to makeing simpler on my self XD thanks