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a sad day with hopefully a happy ending

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    November 4, 2011 4:45 AM PDT

    It's a sad day when you wonder the world and nearly all but a couple of the K9 sims have gone. So i was up all night unable to sleep for some bizzare reason so i have spent hours tracking down and wondering around those sims that do still exsist only to discover you can buy 2 and 3 trait kennels in the hundreds for as little as 20l and hundreds more priced at less than 200l. This seems a little CRAZY Especailly when you consider that only a month a go there was a huge buzz around the doggies and the "breeds you would like to see?" post highlights that with its 40 replies and its 1666 views. So whats gone wrong? i hear you ask. Well i would say for the most part its us or at least some of us, if not most of us and i include myself in this. We all got swept away by what we thought would be the next "big thing"(or in my case my first big thing lol) luckly for me it was my first attempt at a breedable so i was cautious and careful. I only bought what i wanted and could afford at the time, i never paid what i would consider to be over the odds for anything(after seeing prices today im soooo glad i stuck to my guns on this even when really tempted to splash some cash).So i mainly had to rely on what i birthed from my starters or what i could beg, borrow or trade with friends. But likewise i didnt make anything either i think i sold a total of four dogs the best of which was a silver and black schnauzer that i sold for 8k in my first week the other 3 combined made just under 4k. I did consider at one point trying to sell some of my many kennels off cheap just to pay for food and such, but in the end thought better of it. I didnt want to add to the problems i could already see coming and what little i would have made would only pay for one weeks worth of food anyway.


    So what i have made so far hasnt even covered the cost of my starter packs and then there was still the cost of the food and the land rental to house the dogs to. Which to be honest im to scared to actually add up or i may just freak and cut up my little plastic friend lol. So as of yet i havent made a penny. But am i bothered......surprisingly no not really, because what i discovered along the way was that i actually enjoy the challenge of trying to breed a special dog or at least try and get some of those damn traits into a dog i like lol yes it can be incredibly frustrating and annoying as hell but its damn good fun to when you get it right. Its certainly alot more difficult than i had first imagined and probably like most of those that bought hundreds of starters hoping to make a quick killing. However now that everyone is running for the hills it has left those of us still breeding a fantasic oppertunity to create and breed the dogs that we want and it gives us the chance to try and build a new market for true dog lovers and real breeding enthusiasts. So yes today was a sad day out in the k9 market while i was cherry picking for traits and coats i both want and need but couldnt afford only a couple of weeks ago. But i at least hope to see a happy ending come from this whole sorry situation. We can use this time and experience to help us to breed great dogs and we can take our time achiveing it as well without being rushed by those that forced the market in the wrong direction in the first place. i know that for those of you that are true dog lovers and breeders that this market will servivie and it will bounce back. Maybe not to the lofty heights that horses once enjoyed, but who needs that anyways when you can have the fun and enjoyment of creation.


    Sorry if this seems a little random and nonsensical, maybe its the lack of sleep or all the maoning and whinging im hearing from others, but i just wanted to get my two pannyworth in......good luck, happy breeding and keep those posts coming.....its good to know others are still out there lol :)

  • November 6, 2011 2:57 AM PST
    mhm yes and why ppl just do not HH non traited dogs? That is something i cant understand... why selling for 20 LS etc ? Better killing market for 20 LS :O? I really cant see any sense in this.