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Endowed Trifecta Traits. 

Name: ღ Լ ƛ Ɗ Ƴ Ɓ Ʋ Ɠ ღ (intelehente)

Date: Apr 8, 2023

This is an on-going project for me, I just want to register my Trifecta Traits combination. No matter what horse I put these trifecta traits on they look gorgeous. 

In this photo I have featured my "Endowed Trifecta Traits" on an Endownment Coat. 

The trifecta traits are Looney Leg Flower Power, Wild Hair: 2017 Valentines Day Amethyst, Saddle Roseate

I am very much attached to this saddle as strongly as it is attached to my line of horses. Why? Because it simply was my first Show Horse drop and my horse breeding just got serious since then. I am my horse love to that moment.


Stats for Horse in the Picture:
Coat: Heavenly Endowment
Eye: Pink Cotton Candy
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
Coat Gleam High
Hair Gleam High
Hair Luster Null
Coat Gloom Null
Null Branding
Looney Leg Flower Power
Wild Hair: 2017 Valentines Day Amethyst
Saddle Style: Racing
Saddle Color: Roseate

This is half complete but I just want to put out there the project that I am working on. 

The completion to this project will add: 

Pink Reins

Pink Bridle

Amethyst Glitter Horn

Plumeria Socks

Bow Fuchsia 

Aura Sakura

I have all these traits already and I am just putting them all together in one horse which I will give a new name

It may take time, but I am patient. Bear with me and I will surely share with you the results of my efforts. Happy Horse Breeding everyone.

Edited by intelehente
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