The Torres family

Hello We are the Torres family and we have three children on the Autism Spectrum, our oldest son Ivan was first diagnosed when he was 3 yrs old 4 yrs ago and his brother Edward was diagnosed at the age of 2 two years later Our youngest daughter Mia was just recently diagnosed about a month ago after she turned two and although we had already gone through it with two older children it still hurt us just like first time, but we kept on going for our family.


Our kids attend regular ABA therapy sessions (applied behavioral analysis) and special education classes which has helped them so much in speech, and social interaction. We also involve our kids in extra curricular activities such as baseball, soccer and swim lessons and we have our occasional family trips such as camping and going to the beach.



We Love our children and they have taught us so much, such as having patience is a virtue and we must not take it for granted and that no matter how much life can speed on by us we need to stop and take the time to really know whats important. Our children may learn, speak or act differently than anyone else but to us they are the most normal people we know.

Total Raised so far 1270725 L$
Converted to USD at the aprox. rate of 248L$/1$ USD 5123.89 $