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by Shyanna (Sshyness) in Questions about September 4, 2016 open - report

Newbie Questions

1)Haven points or cents where do you find them once you have sent a horse to haven?

I have sent some horses to haven and got the pop up saying how much I recieved but dont know where the haven cents or points are

2)How long should a horse take to get pregnant what are the settings they need 100% happiness and fervor is there anything else?

I have bred a few horses and it seemed to go quite fast the horses getting pregnant all within the first day once paired but now I seem to be having horses not getting pregnant for days and still not at this time wondering if I am doing something wrong (still new to this so maybe the first few pregnancies were luck and it takes longer normally)

3)How fast should a horse lose his or her happiness?

I took a couple different horses on rides and got them up to 100% happiness but within 30 minutes to an hour of putting them back out after a ride they dropped down to the low 80's% is that normal seems very fast to me and I have salt licks out for them too so I am not sure why they would drop in happiness so much in such a short time especially with a salt lick that should be helping them to stay happy so again maybe I am doing something wrong

4) Is there more detailed instructions on Amarette Horses out there I have looked at the Horse Manuel but it seems basic (although helpful to get started) but if someone knows of a more detailed instruction book\manuel or even group that helps new people like me out there I would love to get a copy or an invite Anyone know of something?

Thanks to anyone that has some answers or suggestions to help me I would appriecate it!

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