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by Vixxey Vee in Questions about March 23, 2018 open - report

A question from a new member~

Greetings !


Sorry for this question. I was wondering at what age do horses and barnyard birds gain vigor?


I have Barnyard birds as well as horses that are 11 days old with 0 Vigor. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Some special setting I gotta put in?

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    by Avalon Crystal about March 23, 2018

    Thats correct a horse has to be at 75% happy or higher and at least 7 days old to gain fervor. 

    A Barnyard Bird must have Vivacity of 85% or higher for your bird to gain vigor to breed, and at least 7 days old

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    by Raven Conners about March 23, 2018

    Hi Vixxey, not sure if you have gotten an answer yet, but I know horses need salt blocks to make their fervor go up, and also they need to be on breedable food as well. I don't have birds but Im sure they are run the same way. Hope this helped. Welcome to Amaretto also!



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