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by sweetstuff37 in Questions about July 14, 2018 open - report

auction boards

I am trying to find a decent auction house,or market,where I can place my bundles for sale.I had bought a lot of  my horses from Minx farms,but they seem to have disappeared?I land in open air there now?does antone have a good spot to suggest?

Any help would be appreciated,Thank you

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    by LadyRijna about August 16, 2018

    Minx has a new location but there are several really good auction houses that are promoting fair market pricing which is your best bet to get your animals sold at a fair price and have an really enjoyable experience at the auction houses.  If you would like to friend me inworld i'm ladyrijna resident.  I go to a great deal of auctions as I auctioneer at several.  I would be happy to teleport you or give you links to them if you would like to friend and IM when you are on.  Always love to see new people coming to the auctions.  Have a great one.

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    by Josie Cooperstone about July 14, 2018

    You can check out the official locations for them but your best bet would be to ask in advertising groups as Amaretto does not spam for markets

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