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by srwill2010 in Questions about July 18, 2018 open - report


Okay guys and gals - I am a returning SL'er. So I am not a complete idiot (but I am really feeling like one right now.) Just bought some horses and K-9's to play around with and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to feed them. I bought tthe food......twice! I broke the first set trying to open them. The second set I have, I am able to get it on the ground but when I right click on it - there's no touch option - on either, horse or K-9 food. What am I doing wrong?

Any information is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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    by Josie Cooperstone about July 18, 2018

    to use the animal food, any of them, you just open the box that it comes ion, rez the food within the animals range and then make sure the animal is set to the food type in their menu under feed, you do not have to do anything to the food itself, here is a link to our wiki manuals:

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