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by Otuel Kismyaz in Questions about March 16, 2019 open - report

Horse Breediing Oddity

This has happened to me before and it happened again just a minute ago. I put two males and two females together, all at 100% fervor and suddenly one female is preggers at 1% and both males have dropped to 1%. Like did they BOTH get her pregnant and what about the poor little girl left out in the cold. Now she has no stud to make her happy lolol. It's rare that this happens but it DOES happen. Just looking for an explanation or if there is a fix for this. Now I have two males starting over at 1% and only one pregnant horse. It uses up the age on my horses before they can breed again. 

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    by Josie Cooperstone about March 17, 2019

    This is caused by an sl lag with communication between our servers and the animals, this is unfortunate, but we can reset one of the males if you file a support ticket. When this happens, as you said rarely, that is how we handle it. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

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