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by Shadow_walker416 in Questions about November 19, 2020 open - report

Extenze pill

I do have a couple questions based on what i heard about this Extenze pill for retired horses....

1.Does it matter how long the horse has been retired?

2. If its a female horse would i beable to get one last bundle out of it with this pill?

3. Its been on pet food will that effect anything if I want to breed it?

4. I heard you can only use this pill once... how long does it last and is that true?

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    by avalon about November 20, 2020

    The extenze pill last for 7 days, it doesnt matter how old a horse is as long as it is not a pet you can use it. If on pet food you should put on breeder food for 7 days before you give it the extenze. 

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