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by journey73sl in Questions about March 31, 2021 open - report

DOS and Traits

Hi. Not new to breedables but new to Amaretto, specifically the Ponie Pals.


My question is, can anyone clarify for me which traits pass from an LE and its DOS? I've seen the blog post explaining that special hidden traits must show on DOS first in order to pass, but what about the non-hidden LE traits like eyes. Do those have to pass to DOS first as well? If I don't pull any of the LE traits on the babies, will I be out of luck?


Thank you in advance.

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    by avalon about March 31, 2021

    Any passing traits that is showing on a horse that you are breeding can pass to its offspring. The show it to throw it ususally applies to hidden new traits in a LE. A DOS does have the ability to pass traits that were showing on parents despite it not being on the bundle, if the trait is hidden. 

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