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by veronicamcraig54 in Questions about July 16, 2021 open - report

Lost horses

Please can anyone tell me how to find my 2 lost horses, I was having problems  with my land and I was using a terrafornm tool whean i accidently hit the wrong and this huge mountain came out of  the area and it kept growing, well i got it to stop and prceeded to continue lifting the ground up out of the water whhich wasn't that deep. Well i had gotten to the last part of the land when that thing starterd to grow again well this time i couldn't get it to stop so i asked a friend to come over and help me and he said to send everyoes stuff to them, relucantly i did. Well when all was ssent back ny horses were gone. Does this mean my horses went back to the orginal owners or to me , I am the one that birthed them. Does anyone know how i can get them back? Please let me know . The first one was a shetlon pony called loca, and the 2nd horse was a Arabian racer, I can't remember his name.Please any one know how I can get them back before its too  late!!!!!



Vee (MissVer4)

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    by Josie about July 16, 2021

    You can sign up and file a support ticket here:

    Please list all the horses by name or uuid that are missing in the ticket

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