Hungry & Sick Breedables!

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Happy Monday Amaretto breeders!! Who is ready for the new week!? I hope it is a good one for everyone!! Today I wanted to take some time to help with two of the most common questions I see in the Amaretto groups.  “Help my breedable isn’t eating!” or “Help my breedable is sick!”  There are quite a few things you can try to get your breedable eating again but remember if all else fails you can always file a ticket on the Amaretto Support site and have a CSR help you look into it.

Let’s talk a little about the food for your breedables first. The Ponie Pals only have 1 food type, Ponie Pal Grub. You will feed this to your ponies to keep them healthy and able to breed. The Horses, K-9s, and Birds all have two different type foods available. Breeder Food is for Horses, K-9’s or Barnyard Birds that you want to breed. Pet food is used when you do not wish to breed your animal.  If  you decide later that you do wish to breed them it will take 7 days of them eating Breeder food for the Pet food to wear off.

Using Food:

1. Rez the Food within your breedables set range. (A breedable’s default range is 5 meters)

2. You can click the Food to change options and see remaining %. Options include Owner only, Group only, and All.

A.  Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners breedable.

B.  Group only: Will only be consumed by breedables in the same group as the food/water is set to.

C.  All: Any breedable within range of the food/water will be able to consume it.

Once the Food has been completely consumed it will disappear.








In case your breedable gets hungry try these tips:

1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.

2. If the land is set to a group, are the breedables and food set to that group? Some sims have it set that no scripts can run unless they are set to the right group as the land.

3. If the land isn’t set to a group, then check that the breedables and food are set to the same group as each other. So often the food is in one group and the breedable in another. The food is set to feed only those in the same group and before you know it you have sick breedables

4. For the horses, k-9s and birds, check to see if the breedable is set to the type of food out (You can check this in their More Stats)

5. Re-set home position.

If your Breedable still doesn’t eat after trying this, you will need to file a support ticket. Please include a location URL, so that we can come out and see them, in world. Please make sure that we have permission to come on the land.

Remember if you put a Breedable in your inventory it will get hungry.

For the horses, k-9s and birds, they will eat once every hour. If food is not present their hunger and thirst will rise until it reaches 100% (or in the case of the Barnyard Birds until it reaches 0%) at which time they will get sick, this will take 3 days

For the ponies, they will eat once every 96 minutes. If food (Grub) is not present their Grub will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick. This can take 5 days.

A Healing Kit for horses, Vaccination for K-9s, Flu Shot for Birds, and Ponie Noodle Soup for Ponies can be used to heal your breedable.

The horses, k-9s and birds, will eat their way out of sickness. Horses and K-9s take approximately 3 days and Barnyard Birds take 4 days.

To use a Healing kit, Vaccination, Flu shot or Noodle Soup, simply rez the item nearby your sick breedable. Click your breedable select consumables and select Healing kit, Vaccination, Flu shot or Noodle Soup. Before your eyes your Breedable will go from sick back to perfect health.

So there you have it all you need to know if your breedable starts to become sick.

Happy Breeding & Feeding!!

Until next time….

Gacha Geek Out!

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Hi Everyone

So I thought I would do a connection on what the Gacha horses are named after!, A little science geek-out with Marku!

First up is Ariel

After Miranda, Ariel is the second-smallest of Uranus’ five major rounded satellites and the second-closest to its planet. Among the smallest of the Solar System’s 19 known spherical moons (it ranks 14th among them in diameter), it is believed to be composed of roughly equal parts ice and rocky material. Its mass is approximately equal in magnitude to Earth’s hydrosphere.


Elara is the eighth-largest moon of Jupiter and is named after Elara, one of Zeus‘s lovers and the mother of the giant Tityos.[5]


Callisto is the second-largest moon of Jupiter, after Ganymede. It is the third-largest moon in the Solar System after Ganymede and Saturn‘s largest moon Titan, and the largest object in the Solar System not to be properly differentiated. Callisto was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei.


Amalthea is the third moon of Jupiter in order of distance from the planet. It was discovered on 9 September 1892, by Edward Emerson Barnard and named after Amalthea, a nymph in Greek mythology.[7] It is also known as Jupiter V.


Europa is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter, and the sixth-closest to the planet. It is also the sixth-largest moon in the Solar System. Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei[1] and was named after Europa, the legendary mother of King Minos of Crete and lover of Zeus (the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Jupiter).


Titan is the sixth gravitationally rounded moon from Saturn. Frequently described as a planet-like moon, Titan is 50% larger than Earth’s Moon, and it is 80% more massive. It is the second-largest moon in the Solar System, after Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, and is larger than the smallest planet, Mercury, but only 40% as massive.


An aurora (plural: auroras or aurorae),[a] sometimes referred to as polar lightsnorthern lights (aurora borealis) or southern lights (aurora australis), is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions(around the Arctic and Antarctic).

(Information Taken From

So there we have it, the gachas are awesome and you can still go grab some by visiting any of the main Horse, K-9, Barnyard Bird or Ponie Pal stores and play the Gacha machines to have a chance at getting any of the coats.

Thats all from me today, Hugs Marku.


We Salute You!

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Happy Saturday everyone!

In my Customer Connection today I wanted to spotlight Armed Forces Day so I went ahead and did some browsing and found a little history about today to share with you all.

Armed Forces Day is a day to pay tribute to the men and women who serve the United States Armed Forces. Armed Forces Day, which is celebrated on the third Saturday in May, is part of Armed Forces Week.

It was with the idea for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country that President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish this single holiday. The one-day celebration then stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under the Department of Defense. It was on August 31, 1949, that Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and Air Force Days.

Parades, open houses, receptions and air shows were held to celebrate the first Armed Forces Day held on May 20, 1950.

1962 – President John F. Kennedy established Armed Forces Day as an official holiday.
The United States longest running city-sponsored Armed Forces Day Parade is held in Bremerton, Washington.
2012 – Bremerton celebrated the 64th year of the Armed Forces Day Parade.



I want to personally say to those of you that have served thank you for your service.

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you all have a great weekend and Happy Breeding!!

Super Mix Pack Vs. Jumbo Mix Pack!

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Howdy everyone and Happy Friday! Today I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about something Super! I have noticed that there have been a few tickets recently about confusion between a SUper Mix Pack and a Jumbo Mix Pack. Let me take a moment to explain the difference between the two.

A Super Mix Pack is 5 Breedable Food & 5 Salt Licks with 5x the servings as a regular Breedable Food & Salt. The cost of a Super Mix Pack is 5,850 LS.

SuperMixJumboMixDo not confuse a Super Mix Pack with the Jumbo Mix pack which is the same price but has 25 Breedable Food & 25 Salt Licks.


What is the advantage of a Super Mix Pack vs a Jumbo Mix pack?
Well its the same amount of food just in less prims. Remember one food out of the Super Mix pack will last 5 xs longer than a food from a Jumbo Mix Pack.

We have clearly marked the Super Mix Pack food to look different than any other food it has a 5xs stamp on the food as well as the salt.


If you have questions about any of the Amaretto Horse products you can check out the Product Price List:

So when you are buying mix packs please be sure you buy the one you want because there are no refunds or exchanges on no transfer items!!!

Hope this will help clear up the confusion. Have a great weekend and Happy breeding!!

Questions for Jaymee!

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Hey guys I got a chance to ask the assistant manager of Amaretto Jaymee Caproni a few fun little questions and check out these answers!

What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Pepper Jack!

Could you survive in the wilderness for a month?
“im sure i could if i had to, it would be hard.”

What is the perfect temperature to set the thermostat at?

Where can I hide a body?
“You can hide a body in the bottom of a river.”

What animal would you like to see scaled up to the size of an elephant?
“A ladybug of course!”

What fictional place would you most like to go?
“A pineapple under the sea.”

What takes up too much of your time?

What age do you wish you could permanently be?
“29, cause thats how old I am”

I need you guys to send me question you would like me to answer next week! Hope everyone is having a great week! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

2018 Armed Forces Day Editions!?!

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Hello and Happy Wednesday to you all! I hope your week is going great! Today I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about Armed Forces Day 2018! Armed Forces Day is a federal holiday observed annually on the third Saturday of May. This year it will be celebrated on Saturday, May 19, 2018. It is a day dedicated to paying tribute to men and women who currently serve in the Armed Forces. In honor of all who serve will are releasing our 2018 Armed Forces Day Editions and they will be available from today May 16th, 2018 to May 30th, 2018!!  These amazing animals have special surprises hidden in them and they DO NOT need to be bred together! Take a look below for pictures and information!

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Armed Forces Pack (Boxed)
One of Each Coat, Random Gender 2995L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Coat & Gender, 795L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Woodland Camo
Eye: Woodland Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Desert Camo
Eye: Desert Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Sea Camo
Eye: Sea Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Urban Camo
Eye: Urban Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Armed Forces Pack (Boxed)
One of Each Coat, Random Gender 2195L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Gender, 595L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Woodland Camo
Eye: Woodland Camo
Collar: Woodland Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Desert Camo
Eye: Desert Camo
Collar: Desert Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Sea Camo
Eye: Sea Camo
Collar: Sea Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Urban Camo
Eye: Urban Camo
Collar: Urban Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Armed Forces Pack (Boxed)
One of Each Breed, Random Gender 2195L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Gender, 595L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Woodland Camo
Eye: Woodland Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Desert Camo
Eye: Desert Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Sea Camo
Eye: Sea Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Urban Camo
Eye: Urban Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Armed Forces Pack (Boxed)
One of Each Style, Random Gender 2995L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Style & Gender, 795L

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Woodland Camo
Eye: Woodland Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Desert Camo
Eye: Desert Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Sea Camo
Eye: Sea Camo

2018 Armed Forces Day Edition – Urban Camo
Eye: Urban Camo

Happy breeding and don’t miss out on these awesome horses!

Until next time…


Help is Everywhere!

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So many times, in chat, we see breeders asking general breeding questions, for links to the wiki or stating that they can’t find where to file a ticket. Did you know that answers and links are readily available at your fingertips? That’s right, every one of your breedables can provide information and links without your even asking!

From the Horse, K9 and Barnyard Bird Menus, clicking on the ‘Help’ button allows you to have a informative, detailed manual of your breedable, and it’s consumables, sent to your inventory in notecard form.

Select the ‘Website’ or ‘Amaretto We’ button for a hyperlink, in local, to the main page of the Amaretto Social Network. From there, the Wiki and Ticket Support are just a tab click away.

Our newest breedable, Ponie Pals, goes a step further and provides direct links to the support and wiki pages by clicking the ‘Support’ button.

If you are still having trouble finding where to file a ticket, just look for this sign at most food stores! It will give you the hyperlink to the Ticket Support page in local chat.

And, as always, you are welcome to open up any of the Amaretto group chats and ask for help. But, in rare instances when you may not get an expedient reply, help can be found everywhere if you just know where to look!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

10 Trait Max Ponies!

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Hello everyone its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto!
I hope that you have had a great start to your week!

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about max traits on the Ponie Pals!


Does anyone know how many traits that you can get on your Ponie Pal?

Lets go over them:
5.Ear Size
6.Ear Type
8. Wing size
9.Face Markings

So max traits on your Ponie Pals would be 10 Traits!
How many have you gotten on 1 Ponie Pal? Well keep your eyes out for all these great traits I can not wait to see what you guys do with all these possibilities. This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Hello All 🙂

Today is Mother’s Day and thought I would take a look at the previous years animals/traits that were released for this day.

In 2012 these Limited Edition Rainbow Dapple Horses were sold at all Amaretto Store Locations. They were birthed one of the 4 Limited Edition Rainbow Dapple Horses and could be birthed with any of the available mane traits. (Normal, Long, Upright, Upright Long, Braided)


Amaretto wanted to celebrate Mothers Day 2015 by releasing a random drop eye!

This eye was available for 48 hours from May 9, 2015 to May 10, 2015.

This eye DOES have the ability to pass.

In 2016 Amaretto released these Happy Mother’s Day 2016 Editions. By breeding any of these you could get a chance at the new Purple and Teal Ear Tip


Barnyard Birds:

That was all from me today. Happy breeding everyone.

Hugs Marku <3


It’s National Dog Mom’s Day!!

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Hey everyone Happy Saturday!!

So today when I was trying to decide what topic to use in my Customer Connection I started browsing and stumbled across National Dog Moms Day!!  Yes we have a day to celebrate all the Dog Mom’s out there.

National Dog Mom’s Day!!
During the second Saturday in May, National Dog Mom’s Day sends out a chorus of yips, barks, and howls of praise for all the dog mommas!

Our dogs are our family members, whether they came into our lives unexpectedly or as carefully planned additions. We adopt them as puppies, adolescents, or fully mature animals with a bit of baggage and yet, we find common ground, a connection and bond like families do. They know our moods, and we know theirs. We care for them, shelter them and share an immeasurable loyalty with them.

National Dog Mom’s Day recognizes the bond women share with their fur kids. When they humor us, charm us or even when they are naughty, they are like any other child to us.

On National Dog Mom’s Day make sure to get some extra cuddles. Bake up some yummy homemade puppy treats. Plan for some double pampering – a pedicure for you and paws for the puppers. Then take an extra special selfie with fur baby to mark the occasion.

Dog Moms in New York City and New Orleans can celebrate at the FREE official Dog Mom’s Day events with treats, drinks, and praise for dog moms!  Use #DogMomsDay to share on social media.



So what’s that you said you don’t have a dog? Why not check out the awesome Amaretto K-9’s and become a virtual dog mom and celebrate too!

Until next time this is Snookie wishing you all Happy Dog Mom’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Breeding!!!