Group Breeding!

In today’s Connection, I want to explain how Group breeding is done. It’s a very easy way to keep your breedables together without separating them into pods and without fear of those “oopsie” breedings!

This will work for all your breedables – horses, K-9s, birds, and ponies. .

First, you need to make sure your sim or parcel will allow object entry from another group. You can do this by clicking the name of your parcel at the top of your screen to get the About Land box. When the box pops up, go to the Options tab and make sure that Object Entry is set to Everyone. Otherwise, you’ll see your mare in recovery but no bundle!

Second, click on a horse and go into edit mode. In the edit box, go to Group and click the wrench to the right. When the Groups box pops up, pick another group (doesn’t matter which, as long as your parcel allows it.)

Do this for each horse you wish to group together. Just make sure each breeding group is assigned to a different group.

Next, set all the horses in your breeding group to Group breeding. To do this, click the horse for their menu, click on Breeding, then Mating, and then select Group.

Now, they will only breed with the horses in the group you’ve set them to! See, super easy! I hope you find this information helpful and that you breed something amazing!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING! This is Ava over and out!

It’s a Wonderful World!

Well at least in the world of Amaretto K-9 eyes it is. The K-9s have a set of eyes called the Wonders of the World eyes. These great eyes were released with update 2.0, which means breeding any two starter K-9s together could you get you any of these eyes.

These eyes do pass so why not get out there are add these monumental eyes to your breeding today.


Paradise Pups!

Happy Saturday everyone I hope you are all having a terrific Saturday amd your weekend is off to an amazing start!

Today I want the spotlight is shining on the adorable Paradise Puppies!!

Did you know that Amaretto Breedables offers a reward system called Puppy Paradise. When you send your K-9 to Puppy Paradise you will receive a number of points based on the number of traits and age for a particular K-9. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can use these points to purchase an array of items from the Puppy Paradise Vendor such as Pet Food, Vaccinations and our unique K-9 Paradise Puppies. For more information on Puppy Paradise click here

First let’s have a look at the K-9 Paradise Puppy Dalmatian. This puppy comes in random gender and these random coats: Black/White, Liver/White and Rainbow/White Dalmatians. Paradise Puppy Dalmatians are NOT able to pass their coats. However, these unique K-9s have the ability to pass their eyes (depending on the coat you receive).

Next let’s take a look at the Fu K-9’s

The Fu K-9 comes in random gender and these random coats: “Happiness”, “Friendship” and “Prosperity”. The Fu K-9s are NOT able to pass their coats. However, these unique K-9s have the ability to pass their eyes (depending on the coat you receive) Purple Jade, Green Jade and Blue Jade. The Fu K-9s are NOT able to pass their collars.

Next there is the K-9 Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog comes in random gender. Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog are NOT able to pass their coats. However, the Yellow & Mustard eye Does have the ability to pass and the Picnic Collar Does have the ability to pass.

On Feb.5,2020 Amaretto released the 3.0 Update, the first big surprise is this brand new Heavenly K9! Its our newest K9 Amaretto Breedable K9-Memorable Paradise Puppy! You can get this cutie from and Puppy Paradise vendor at any Amaretto K9 location.

The Memorable Paradise Puppy comes in random gender.

Memorable Paradise Puppy are NOT able to pass their coats. The Paradise Angel Collar does have the ability to pass.

When you breed a Paradise Puppy (whether it is with another Paradise Puppy or any other K-9) you DO have an increased chance at receiving a random Enchanted K-9. The non-Enchanted offspring of Paradise Puppies do NOT have an increased chance of producing Enchanted K-9s.

For a closer look at any of these amazing pups you can check them out here:

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a fabulous weekend and a great week ahead!

Happy Breeding!!

What’s In A Name?

What is the craziest or funniest name you have ever given one of your Amaretto Breedables? I have used famous names like Robert Shaw for the 2017 shark LE, funny names like Let Me A** You a Question for my Haven Donkey , names that mention a specific trait like Limewire for the 2020 Cyberpunk Edition – Limewire Green Cyberpunk. Even the non keepers get a name, and i never pick up a bundle without naming it, except for those I am donating to the AMOC hunts because they rename them all the default one.

Why is it important to rename your breedables and their drops? Well for one thing it’s fun coming up with interesting, funny or meaningful names. But a very good reason for renaming them is to help Amaretto if they get lost. It is easier to find something in the database with a specific name if you don’t have the UUID, than if it’s just “Amaretto Breedable Horse”. The same goes for looking for them in your inventory. If you name them something you will remember it’s much easier to find them using search. And what about those important bundles, kennels, nests or baskets for the monthly projects? You might spend days searching markets for what you need, only to find out later you had them all the time in your own folders, which is where naming them for a specific trait or coat comes in handy. Don’t forget you can also add what gender they are to the name. Remember the days long ago of birthing bundle after bundle looking for a male? Now all you need is the letter M in the name to know right away what it is, since Amaretto gave us the ability to tell before birthing.

Make it a practice to never pick up a bundle/kennel/basket/nest without giving them some kind of name. Whether it is funny, serious, informative, in memory of a loved one, or just a few letters and numbers to identify it, they all deserve a name.

Now get out there and name those breedables, maybe use the cast of your favorite TV show! Happy Breeding

Duplicate Food??

Hello everyone! Hope your having a good day! We are almost to FriYay!!
I wanted to take some time out of my day to talk to you guys about Duplicated Foods!

Sometimes Secondlife roll backs can cause issues with your breedables, but don’t worry I am going to tell you a few tips how to quickly resolve this issue.

First thing you MUST do is file a ticket and including these things will make your replacement super speedy!

  1. Rez out all dup food or consumables in one place, Post the slurl to the food in the ticket.
  2. Include your last food transaction history! Provide the full transaction record with date, time, region etc, for your purchase. This can be found on your dashboard on the Secondlife website under transaction history.

*Make sure that we are able to get to your land, you can add Avalon Crystal and Josaphine Cooperstone to your orbs, if we cant get to the food then we cant start your replacement!

  1. Take a deep breath because your replacements will be on the way!

I hope that this will make it less nerve racking to find those duplicated items! If you need help filing a ticket please contact Avalon Crystal in world.

Have a great day everyone this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding!

December Calendars!

Hey guys! Its Hump Day! We made it! Also can you guys believe we are already in the month of December?! I can’t! We have lots going on this month so check out the calendars!

Every month we host events and encourage everyone to come so please check out what we are doing in December!

As always the ARU doors are open for you to attend class and learn something you didnt know about Amaretto Products!
Here is this months schedule:

Well I hope to see you out and about this month at some Amaretto Events! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding!

Falling Puppies???

Happy Fall everyone (well not officially) but it seems like a nice day to grab some hot cocoa and view some adorable fall puppies.

Amaretto has released four sets of Fall Special Editions K-9s and one retro edition. So let’s take a look at those.

From September 26, 2012 until October 15, 2012 these Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s were on sale at all Amaretto K-9 locations. They can be born with any of the available six different coat colors. The Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s also contain the beginnings of a brand new trait Paw Polish.

The coats on these Special Edition K-9s do NOT pass.

The eyes, collars and paw polish on these Special Edition K-9s DO have the ability to pass.

On October 1st, 2013 Amaretto released the 2013 Special Edition Fall K-9, they were available until October 8th, 2013. These k-9a have the ability to pass their eyes! The 2013 Special Edition Fall K-9 also held some hidden surprises.

The coats and collars on these 2013 Special Edition Fall K-9 do NOT pass.

The eyes on these 2013 Special Edition Fall K-9 DO have the ability to pass.

On October 3, 2014 Amaretto wanted to celebrate the changes of the season with a 2014 Special Edition Fall K-9. This Fall 2014 Special Edition – Hot Cocoa Schnauzer was sold at all Amaretto Store Locations. It was sold between October 3, 2014 and October 10, 2014 only!

Sadly the coats and collars did not have the ability to pass but the eyes did.

Starting September 12th 2015 until September 26th 2015 Amaretto sold Fall LE’s, SE’s, and CE’s! Any breeding of these 2015 Fall Special Edition K-9s gives a chance at getting the eyes, collar, and as well as the hidden surprises!

The coats on the 2015 Summer Special Edition K-9s DO NOT pass.

Starting November 10th until November 24th, 2017 Amaretto re-released the 2013 Special Edition Fall K-9,

These K-9s have the ability to pass their eyes! The 2017 Retro Special Edition Fall K-9 also held some hidden surprises.

The coats and collars on these 2017 Retro Special Edition Fall K-9 do NOT pass.

The eyes on these 2017 Retro Special Edition Fall K-9 Do have the ability to pass.

These new eyes on the Special Edition retros were different from the original 2013 Special Editions:

And of course right now we are probably all breeding the 2021 Kirin Fall Special Editions.

Let it Snow!!

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Since snow has started to fall already, I thought this was a great time to take a look at some snowy horses, while we stay inside in front of our fireplaces.

2010 Harvest Edition Dapple Horses

It is Harvest Time at Amaretto and to celebrate the start of the Fall Holiday Season here in the USA any bundle that your horses drop from November 23, 2010 thru Fri November 26, 2010 at Midnight SLT has the chance to be a special Harvest Edition Coat!

In this set was the amazing Fresh Snow.

This coat did NOT have the ability to pass so finding one now is a little difficult but who knows maybe a collector out there is willing to sell so always be on the look out for this rare beauty. The other horses in this set were:

2016 Christmas Limited Edition

Now this was not a coat in this set but rather an eye that did pass. The 2016 Christmas Limited Edition – Winter Traveler is not only desired for the coat (which sadly DOES NOT pass) but for this amazing eye that did.

This eye would be perfect for any winter or snow related project and since it did pass, this shouldn’t be too difficult to find out there. You might even have one in your bag.

The other coats and eyes from this Limited Edition set were:

So why not start collecting and breeding with all of these eyes for the winter season.

2017 Christmas Edition

Amaretto was on a roll for snow eyes, following up the 2016 Winter Snow eye with a set of eyes the next year which could both pass.

Where did these great eyes come from. The 2017 Christmas Edition horses of course.

2018 Christmas Limited Edition

And for a third year in a row Amaretto gave us a snow related eye on the Limited Editions that could pass. This time with the 2018 Christmas Collectors Edition – Snowfall.

The coat did NOT pass but the fantastic Snowfall eye DID pass. This is another great eye for any snow related projects. The other horses in the 2018 Christmas Limited Edition set were:

Their eyes also had the ability to pass:

Snow Marwari

When the version 6.01 Horse update came out on Apr.27,2019 these exciting new coats were hidden in new starters. The Marwari are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter coats that can come from breeding “Starter Horses”.

The one we are going to look at is the Snow Marwari.

This coat DOES have the ability to pass, which means it would be perfect with all the snow related traits that are out there. Don’t forget all the snowflake related traits (which might be a future connection since there are so many).

In case you are curious, here are the other Marwaris that you can breed:

So now that we are all cold and shivering seeing all this snow, let’s curl up by a fireplace and see what traits we want to breed. Have fun!!

Bird Sanctuary

Hello everyone I hope you had a great week and that your weekend is off to a great start and you are enjoying your Saturday! Today the spotlight is shining on the Amaretto Bird Sanctuary!

Do you have a Bird or Nest that you would like to send to Bird Sanctuary? It is really simple to send your bird to Bird Sanctuary and you will receive Henny Pennies back that you can use to buy some really awesome stuff!

The Bird Sanctuary Henny Pennies Reward system will Reward you for your Barnyard Birds age and traits in the following way:

  • Starter breed = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden breed = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Starter eye = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden eye = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Design = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Flaw = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Leg Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden classes = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Every cycle lost = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Shade = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Glaze = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Brillance = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Wing Tip= 100 Henny Pennies
  • Batty Bosom = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Whacky Wattle = 100 Henny Pennies

How to Use your Henny Pennies: Simply go to the any of our store locations  and find the Bird Sanctuary Vendor, click Balance Inquiry on the bottom right of the vendor. Your current amount of Henny Pennies will be displayed in local chat. After clicking Balance Inquiry and reviewing your Henny Penny balance you have 60 seconds of reserved time to make a selection from the vendor. Once you have made your selection you will need to agree to spending that many points on that item. If you agree you will then receive your item from the vendor and the Henny Pennies will be deducted from your Bird Sanctuary account. To make another purchase simply do it again.

Here we have the costs in Henny Pennies for the items Currently Available from the vendor (all items are subject to change without notice including prices and availability):

  • Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single (Boxed) 8,000 Henny Pennies
  • Pet Pellets Six (Boxed) 18,000 Henny Pennies
  • Poultry Glow Single (Boxed) 1,0000 Henny Pennies
  • High Potency Seeds Single (Boxed) 8,000 Henny Pennies
  • Barnyard Birds Vivacity Corn Single (Boxed) 4,000 Henny Pennies
  • Hen Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Rooster Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Hen (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Rooster (Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Memorable Sanctuary Rooster(Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Memorable Sanctuary Hen (Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies


The Bird Sanctuary Program is covered under our Terms of Use Agreement just as all other Amaretto Ranch Breedables LLC. products, please refer to the website to read the Terms of Use Agreement

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have wonderful weekend and a terrific week ahead!

Happy Breeding!!

Silver Lakenvelders

Amaretto likes to base some of their breeds on real animals. In this case they used the Lakenvelder chicken. Also known as “Shadow on a Sheet,” Lakenvelder chickens are as beautiful as they are useful. In Dutch, their name translates to ‘white spread over a black field;” with laken meaning sheet and veld meaning field. This is a wonderful description of these stunningly white birds accented by their black hackles and tails. They’re an attractive breed of chicken with blue legs, deep red eyes, and long flowing tails.

The breed is found only with a single, medium-sized comb that, for hens, stands uniquely erect. The history of Lakenvelder chickens is a bit clouded, but reveals an ancient lineage. The breed may have been developed in southern Holland, just over the German border. The Dutch painter Van Gink wrote that as far back as 1727, the breed could be found near the village of Lakervelt in the southeastern corner of Holland. The breed’s first appearance in poultry shows was in 1835 in West Hanover.

Lakenvelder chickens are noted for egg production; their porcelain white eggs being quite plentiful and nicely shaped. They are great foragers, very active, and vary wary. Their active and wary nature is not unlike that of the Leghorn chicken breed. Lakenvelders have delicious tasting meat, though they are not plentifully fleshed with males weighing 5 pounds and females 4 pounds. Lakenvelders are a non-broody breed of chicken.

On Dec.18,2015 Amaretto wanted to celebrate Christmas with some 2015 Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds.
These 2015 Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds have a chance at getting the eyes as well as hidden surprises from any breeding.

The hidden Surprises was the Silver Lakenvelder!!!

Didn’t they do a great job on the textures? And the great thing is, these coats can pass!! Happy Breeding, BOK BOK!