Mane & Tail!

Hi everyone hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

Today I want to spotlight the different Mane & Tail traits for our horses!

Let’s talk about the Mane trait first. The Mane trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or one starter with any other horse.  Please note that the Mane trait CAN be passed on.

Now let’s check out the Tail trait. The Tail trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or one starter with any other horse. Please note that the Tail trait CAN be passed on.

The Roach Mane and Pinned Tail came out with Version 5.0 on September 3, 2014.

The Wild Hair trait was added with the 3.5 update. This trait provides the ability for a horse to acquire the mane/tail from other horses.

This trait is like other hidden traits in that whichever one your horse has is the one that it can pass.

The Wild Hair trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or one starter with any other horse.

Please note that the Wild Hair trait CAN be passed on.

For a better look at these traits check them out on the wiki

Till next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend!

Happy Breeding!!

Amaretto Community Meetings!

Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Friday to you all!! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Guess what is coming up on the 27th… our monthly Community meeting! Our community meetings are a great way to get your questions, comments, and suggestions in. Also, we tend to let little secrets slip during the meetings! So it is worth taking the time out to attend! 😉 The meetings are a perfect way to meet our staff members and a great way to meet fellow breeders and community members! The community meeting is important to attend and participate in. It gives the breeders a voice and helps us know how you guys our customers are doing with our products.Amaretto takes pride in always trying to keep things new and bring innovation to our products. This is your chance to give input and be heard.

Our next community meeting is coming up this Wednesday March 27, 2018! Don’t miss out! Bring your questions and comments! We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to check the calendar each month for all of our event info! You can find the Amaretto Ranch event calendar at this link:

Happy breeding and meeting going!

Until next time….

Picture of the Month Contest!!!!

Hey everyone! Its a great day here at Amaretto and we are busy working on lots of exciting things that I can not wait for you guys to see!

So in the meantime lets talk about the Pic of the Week Program.
If you like getting FREE Amaretto goodies and take pictures in Second Life I am talking to you!

I have decided to currently change the Pic of the Week Contest to the Pic of the Month Contest! So you will have a entire month to take that perfect shot!
I will pick up all entries on the 15th of each month!

How do you enter? Well its easy you just take a pic of you and or your favorite Amaretto animal, you can edit it if you like, and put it in a nc full perms and drop it off at any of the conveniently located cameras at each main store and ARU!

That seems pretty easy right?
Here is where I post all winners of the Pic of Week well now Pic of the Month!!

Check them out! I hope that more of you will want to participate in the contest! If you have any questions just shoot Avalon Crystal a message! Happy Breeding everyone!!

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

The Spring (vernal) equinox is upon us! Today, March 20th, both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will experience an equal amount of daylight. Equinoxes and solstices are opposite on either side of the equator. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the March equinox marks the beginning of Spring, with daylight hours continuing to lengthen until the Summer solstice in June. For those South of the equator, it is the Fall (autumnal) equinox, which marks the start of Fall.

Why do we have an equinox?
The equinox, the seasons, and the changing length of daylight hours throughout the year are all due to one fact: The Earth spins on a tilted axis.

The tilt — possibly caused by a massive object hitting Earth billions of years ago — means that for half the year, the North Pole is pointed toward the sun. For the other half of the year, the South Pole gets more light. It’s what gives us seasons.

Whatever the reason, I, for one, am happy to see warming temperatures, trees budding and flowers popping up from their Winter hiding spot under the soil.

Today, also, marks a great day to a look back at some of the Spring Editions that Amaretto has created over the years.




The 2015 Editions went a step further and introduced the Spring Flowers!

These gorgeous Coats/Breeds were the hidden surprise inside the 2015 Spring Editions.
They DO have the ability to pass!



What a collection of beautiful breedables! Amaretto strives to keep things fresh and new, so, you never know what’s going to pop up next!


Favorite Trait Revealed!

Hey everyone its another Terrific Tuesday! I hope everyones fay is going well!
Last week I had asked you guys to send me what you think your favorite Amaretto trait was.

I got several note cards from the community! Some had some excellent suggestions for future traits, which we always appreciate. Let me share with you some of the top entries before I tell you all what the winning trait is.

Here is a list of the top Fav traits currently available for Amaretto Horses!

Wild hairs

Now when I think about my favorite trait it is just so hard to pick one! I mean i love saddles, wings, and socks! So which trait was the favorite amongst you guys?!

By a landslide it was hands down the Wild Hair trait!

I always say that the wild hair trait is like the cherry on top of a sundae! It can bring a project all together! It is so exciting to think about all the new traits thats will be coming in 6.0!

Until then this is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Bird Sanctuary & Henny Pennies!

Howdy and Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Today I wanted to take a moment to cover Bird Sanctuary! Amaretto Ranch Breedables offers a unique point system for birds or ducks that you no longer wish to keep. Basically all your Barnyard Birds and Ducks have a point value in Bird Sanctuary. The number of points differs based on age and traits. You can bring up the menu on any bird or duck that you own, choose settings, click on Bird Sanctuary and then confirm sending your bird to Sanctuary. Before you do that though you will see the point value of that bird and a notice that once a bird has been sent to Sanctuary it cannot be reversed. You have to confirm to send a Bird to Sanctuary, therefore it cannot be reversed. So make very sure this is something you really want to do. Even if it’s done by mistake it cannot be undone. So please be careful!

How to Use your Henny Pennies: Simply go to the any of our store locations and find the Bird Sanctuary Vendor, Click the start button on the bottom right of the vendor. Your current amount of Henny Pennies will be displayed in local chat. After clicking the Start button and reviewing your Henny Penny balance you have 60 seconds of reserved time to make a selection from the vendor. Once you have made your selection you will need to agree to spending that many points on that item. If you agree you will then receive your item from the vendor and the Henny Pennies will be deducted from your Bird Sanctuary account. To make another purchase simply do it again.

The Bird Sanctuary Henny Pennies Reward system will Reward you for your Barnyard Birds in the following way:

  • Starter breed = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden breed = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Starter eye = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden eye = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Design = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Flaw = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Leg Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden classes = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Every cycle lost = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Shade = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Glaze = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Brillance = 100 Henny Pennies


Here we have the costs in Henny Pennies for the items Currently Available from the vendor (all items are subject to change without notice including prices and availability):

  • Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single (Boxed) 8,000 Henny Pennies
  • Pet Pellets Six (Boxed) 18,000 Henny Pennies
  • Poultry Glow Single (Boxed) 1,0000 Henny Pennies
  • High Potency Seeds Single (Boxed) 8,000 Henny Pennies
  • Barnyard Birds Vivacity Corn Single (Boxed) 4,000 Henny Pennies
  • Hen Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Rooster Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Hen (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Rooster (Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Memorable Sanctuary Rooster(Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Memorable Sanctuary Hen (Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies

SO you see… Bird Sanctaury is a great way to thin out your breeding stock while earning Henny Pennies while you  do!

Happy breeding! Until next time…


Showhorse Recap

Hey Everyone!

Since this month is the last showhorse for this round, I thought it would be nice to do a recap on this round of showhorses!

Rabicano Showhorse
Showcase Spotted Shetland
Amaretto Okapi Showhorse
Lipizzan Showhorse
Piebald Showhorse
Belgian Draft Showhorse
Abaco Barb Showhorse
Showcase Pottok Pony
Akhal-Teke Showhorse
Overo Showhorse

You still have a chance at getting this month’s Showhorse by breeding any Overo coat with another Overo coat, you have until March 31st!
Don’t forget that April will not have a special breeding for the month.
Happy breeding everyone!

Hugs Marku <3

TAF Classifieds

Hey Everyone!

Markus and I have been super busy (yet again) 😛

A few weeks back we did a connection on The Amaretto Family website and explained about its features, well that website really laid the groundwork for this new website we are showing you today (they are joined, you can login with your TAF Account, or create a new one).

But first let me explain that these sites are in no way run by Amaretto, but by myself and Markus. We are sharing this with you thanks to Josie for giving us permission to do.

TAF Classifieds is a new way to advertise your animals that you are selling, it is similar in some regards to other website platforms out there already available but it does have some interesting features that we hope you will check out!

It lets everyone post adverts for free!

PS we plan to add more features in the coming months!

For more in-depth information on the features of the website you can check out this article here:

If you are interested in checking it out, sign up here! –

Paradise Puppies!!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Did you know that Amaretto Breedables offers a reward system called Puppy Paradise. When you send your K-9 to Puppy Paradise you will receive a number of points based on the number of traits and age for a particular K-9. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can use these points to purchase an array of items from the Puppy Paradise Vendor such as Pet Food, Vaccinations and our unique K-9 Paradise Puppies.

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Paradise Puppies!!

First let’s have a look at the K-9 Paradise Puppy Dalmatian. This puppy comes in random gender and these random coats: Black/White, Liver/White and Rainbow/White Dalmatians. Paradise Puppy Dalmatians are NOT able to pass their coats. However, these unique K-9s have the ability to pass their eyes (depending on the coat you receive).











Next let’s take a look at the Fu K-9’s

The Fu K-9 comes in random gender and these random coats: “Happiness”, “Friendship” and “Prosperity”. The Fu K-9s are NOT able to pass their coats.  However, these unique K-9s have the ability to pass their eyes (depending on the coat you receive) Purple Jade, Green Jade and Blue Jade. The Fu K-9s are NOT able to pass their collars.









Next there is the K-9 Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog comes in random gender.  Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog are NOT able to pass their coats.  However, the  Yellow & Mustard eye Does have the ability to pass and the Picnic Collar Does have the ability to pass.









When you breed a Paradise Puppy (whether it is with another Paradise Puppy or any other K-9) you DO have an increased chance at receiving a random Enchanted K-9.  The non-Enchanted offspring of Paradise Puppies do NOT have an increased chance of producing Enchanted K-9s.

For a closer look at any of these awesome pups you can check them out here:

Until next time this is Snookie wishing you a great weekend and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Breeding!!

No More Hungry Breedables!

Hiiiii!! Who is ready for the weekend!? I hope it is an awesome one for yall!! Today I wanted to take some time to help with two common questions I see in the Amaretto groups.  “Help my breedable isn’t eating?!” or “Help my breedable is sick!?”  There are quite a few things you can try to get your breedable eating again but remember if all else fails you can always file a ticket on the Amaretto Support site and have a CSR help you look into it.

Let me start by saying this month’s mystery sale is food! Food is mandatory in keeping your animal’s tummies full! Check it out the blog here Now we move on to talk a little about the food for your breedables. The Ponie Pals only have 1 food type, Ponie Pal Grub. You will feed this to your ponies to keep them healthy and able to breed. The Horses, K-9s, Birds, and Ducks all have two different type foods available. Breeder Food is for Horses, K-9’s or Barnyard Birds and Ducks that you want to breed. Pet food is used when you do not wish to breed your animal.  If  you decide later that you do wish to breed them it will take 7 days of them eating Breeder food for the Pet food to wear off.

Using Food:

1. Rez the Food within your breedables set range. (A breedable’s default range is 5 meters)

2. You can click the Food to change options and see remaining %. Options include Owner only, Group only, and All.

A.  Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners breedable.

B.  Group only: Will only be consumed by breedables in the same group as the food/water is set to.

C.  All: Any breedable within range of the food/water will be able to consume it.

Once the Food has been completely consumed it will disappear.








In case your breedable gets hungry try these tips:

1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.

2. If the land is set to a group, are the breedables and food set to that group? Some sims have it set that no scripts can run unless they are set to the right group as the land.

3. If the land isn’t set to a group, then check that the breedables and food are set to the same group as each other. So often the food is in one group and the breedable in another. The food is set to feed only those in the same group and before you know it you have sick breedables

4. For the horses, k-9s and birds, check to see if the breedable is set to the type of food out (You can check this in their More Stats)

5. Re-set home position.

If your Breedable still doesn’t eat after trying this, you will need to file a support ticket. Please include a location URL, so that we can come out and see them, in world. Please make sure that we have permission to come on the land.

Remember if you put a Breedable in your inventory it will get hungry.

For the horses, k-9s, birds and ducks, they will eat once every hour. If food is not present their hunger and thirst will rise until it reaches 100% (or in the case of the Barnyard Birds/Ducks until it reaches 0%) at which time they will get sick, this will take 3 days

For the ponies, they will eat once every 96 minutes. If food (Grub) is not present their Grub will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick. This can take 5 days.

A Healing Kit for horses, Vaccination for K-9s, Flu Shot for Birds and Ducks, and Ponie Noodle Soup for Ponies can be used to heal your breedable.

The horses, k-9s and birds, will eat their way out of sickness. Horses and K-9s take approximately 3 days and Barnyard Birds take 4 days.

To use a Healing kit, Vaccination, Flu shot or Noodle Soup, simply rez the item nearby your sick breedable. Click your breedable select consumables and select Healing kit, Vaccination, Flu shot or Noodle Soup. Before your eyes your Breedable will go from sick back to perfect health.

So there you have it all you need to know if your breedable starts to become sick.

Happy Breeding & Feeding!!

Until next time….