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  • Amaretto Wiki & A.R.U
    Posted by Josie Cooperstone June 24

    Today I wanted to remind everyone what a wonderful resource the Amaretto Wiki can be for everyone. The amount of information that is located on the wiki is amazing and I for one could not live without it!

    You can go to the Help section of the main Amaretto Website and from there you can go to each one of the Amaretto wiki’s http://amarettobreedables.com/pages/manuals.
    Keep this link handy and be sure to spend some time looking around. You will find information on everything Amaretto here along with pictures and descriptions!
    Another amazing resource provided to you by Amaretto Ranch Breedables is the amazing Amaretto Ranch University! We have many important classes there not the least of which is a wonderful class about each of the Amaretto wiki’s! You can find the class schedule for all class at this link:



    You can also get registered on the ARU website via this link:



    So be sure to take the classes offered and bookmark those wiki’s and you’ll keep yourself well informed.
    Happy Breeding all!!

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  • Just wanted to repost some of the IMPORTANT info that was inside all update boxes, and on the wiki, regarding the 5.0 mandatory update. ALL NEW AMARETTO FOOD AND CONSUMABLES INFORMATION With v5.0, Amaretto has implemented all new food and consumables that have safety protocols. This was done to pr...

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