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About This Club

Let's do what we can to revive the market. If we talk to new folks, help them avoid the mistakes & be honest, we can bring new folks to the product\community. Let's try to avoid patronizing the folks that have contributed to the declination of the market. Doing so, will encourage them to continue. Take pride in the time, efforts and coin that have been invested in creating what we do with the products. Be honest, helpful and kind!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. If so, come on! I will be happy to share the tips, things I have learned to do and to avoid. It truly ain't difficult at all and the results it can bring are incredible.
  3. We had a new visitor on the sim today, I welcomed her in IMs...she replied with a simple "thank you for the welcome". I asked if she needed any assistance, and she said she was just looking. I thanked her again for stopping in. Cloey yelled from her office (yes, we are under the same roof) that she was helping her. Cloey went on to tell me that the customer had bought some horses from her at another market and cloey had reached out to thank her. The customer told cloey that it was the FIRST time she had ever been thanked for a purchase. So, she came for a visit and hopefully will be returning.
  4. If you would like a custom made, eye catching logo for your breedables, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be happy to create a one-of-a-kind logo and send it to you, full permissions so that you can use it on your signs, and rented stalls at the markets.
  5. Do you keep up with and check to see if your customers have enjoyed or had any success with what they have bought from you? Folks remember things like this. I always try to keep up and see what they have been able to get from the sibling sets. Obviously, not always possible...however making the effort helps and folks appreciate the thought.
  6. Mine are to talk to folks, consider every new person that lands in an **opportunity**. That's why we make the efforts we do, to greet and welcome everyone that lands in.
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