Look How BIG I Am!

I have frequently been asked by breeders which coats of horses were bigger or smaller than others, and made a rough guess based on the few I had rezzed at the time. Well this time I decided to dig out all I had of the different coats and measure them to see exactly which was which. Here you see a measuring tape with meters on it. Using the adults I had in storage lined up from largest to smallest you can see the really large Haven Horse Kaiila, the Belgian which is the same size as a Clydesdale. In between those two should be a Percheron, but I did not have an adult. Next up is the regular size horse sculpt, the Exmoor which is the same size as the Pottok Pony. Again, no adult Pottok. The Fell Pony and Falabella are also same size, then Haven Donkey, Shetland, and Miniature.

The second picture shows newborn Percheron and Belgian. The Perch is just slightly bigger than the Belgian, maybe half an ear LOL.

This picture shows a newborn Pottok Pony which again, is just slightly bigger than the Fell Pony.

I hope this will give those who were curious an answer. It certainly was interesting comparing the sizes and sculpts. Happy Breeding

Reptile Horses!

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to talk to you about Reptile animals!

Did you know breeding together 2 reptile eyes can give you a chance Reptile Horses!

There are 4 Reptile Horses currently:

Green Tree Monitor Lizard Reptile
Rough Green Snake Reptile
Crocodile Reptile
Tokay Gecko Reptile

Here is a list of the Reptile eyes that you can breed together to get a Reptile Horse:
Rough Green Snake
Green Tree Monitor Lizard
Tokay Gecko

Take a look at them here:

Remember you can breed any combination of these eyes to have a chance at a reptile horse. The Reptile horse you get will be randomly chosen from the 4 currently available.

Well these are super awesome horses! I hope to see them out on the market! Happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!

Awesome Amaretto Ducks!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

Today, the spotlight is on the youngest Amaretto breedable – The Amaretto Barnyard Ducks. These awesome birds can walk or fly by your side and can swim in Linden water! Let’s have a look at the different Starter and Non-Starter Breeds available.

On October 8, 2018, the Barnyard Ducks came flying into the Amaretto Barnyard. They all began with Starter Breeds that are sold in packs at the Amaretto Barnyard Bird stores. The Mallard and Pekin are considered Starter Breeds.

They each come with possible hidden coats and traits. The hidden breed/traits may or may not be Non-Starter. When breeding new starters together, it is important to remember that the hidden breed/traits may or may not drop in the first Egg or even the last Egg.

As stated above, Non-Starter Breeds can come from breeding Starter Ducks. You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter Breeds by breeding any Duck with a Starter Duck or by breeding together two Starter Ducks. The Baikal Teal, Black Swedish, Cape Teal, and Cayuga are considered Non-Starter Breeds. All the Non-Starter Breeds CAN be passed on.

Amaretto celebrated Father’s Day on June 11, 2019, with Father’s Day Collectors Edition ducks! Hiding in these ducks was the Wrangler! The Wrangler Breed DOES have the ability to pass!

On September 1, 2019, to commemorate Amaretto’s 9th birthday, a specially designed birthday duck, Amaretto’s 9th Year- Hugin, was introduced. This beautiful duck appeared randomly in nests dropped on that day only! The Hugin Breed DOES have the ability to pass!

Such beautiful birds! Get to the Barnyard Bird store today and pick up some Starter Ducks. You never know what may come from them!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Pic of the month Jan 2021!

Hello everyone! Can you believe we are already in 2021?! Well that means its time to pick the new picture of the month!

This month I have chosen a picture submitted by Eshe Springflower! Congrats Eshe!!

Love this picture, remember you can enter every month! How do you ask?!

I pick the picture of the month every month on the 15. If the 15th is on a weekend i will pick the following Monday!

Anyone can enter all you have to do is take a picture of your favorite Amaretto Breedable you can even include your self in the photo!

You can enter as many photos as you like, photos can or can not be edited, taking a awesome in world photo is enough, but if you choose to edit you can.

You enter your picture by putting a full perm picture or texture on a nc, and drop the nc in any camera located at all the main stores!

What do you get if you win? Well an amazing prize pack from Amaretto as well as you photo displayed on Amarettos website!

I hope to see your picture in next months entries! This is Ava over and out!

MLK Sale and Double Points Day!!

Its been a while so we thought we would have two things all breeders love in one day, consumables sale and double points day!! Starting now until 10am slt tomorrow there will be double points given when you send your Horses/Bundles, K-9s/Kennels, Birds/Nests or Ponies/Baskets to Horse Haven, Puppy Paradise, Bird Sanctuary, or Ponie Oasis!! Get those clicking fingers ready and click away!

We will also have a consumables sale as well. Starting now until 7pm today slt all consumables will be 20% off!! That’s right, so stock up and save!! Look for the special display vendors at all the animals main stores. Hope yall are staying safe and sound!

Happy Breeding!

Rune Horses!!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!! I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Today the spotlight is shining on the awesome Rune Horses. On September 1st 2019 Amaretto celebrated their 9th birthday! One birthday surprise that was announced was the Rune Horses! It was announced that you could have your chance at getting a Rune horse by breeding together any two Rune eyes!!

Rune Tanzanite

Rune Indicolite

Rune Erinite

Rune Citrine

Rune Fuchsia

Rune Siam

For a closer look at any of these beauties check them out on the wiki at https://horse.amaretto.wiki/index.php?title=Rune_Horses

These Rune Horses DO NOT have the ability to pass their coat! The Eyes on the Rune Horses DO have the ability to pass!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have an amazing weekend and a great week ahead!!


Ready, Set, GO!

Horse racing has a long and distinguished history and has been practised in civilisations across the world since ancient times. Archaeological records indicate that horse racing occurred in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. It also plays an important part of myth and legend, such as the contest between the steeds of the god Odin and the giant Hrungnir in Norse mythology.

In later times, Thoroughbred racing became, and remains, popular with aristocrats and royalty of British society, earning it the title “Sport of Kings”. It is also very popular in America, in many forms, from Thoroughbred racing, to Quarterhorse racing

When the version 3.5 Horse update came out on July 6, 2012 racing traits were hidden in new starters. You could have a chance at the racing traits by breeding any horse with a starter horse or by breeding together two starter horses.

Racing is actually two traits, the 17th and 18th, Stamina and Speed. The reason for this, even though they can’t have one without the other, is because they can be changed independently of each other. With training using the HUD, your racing trait horse can have different classes of Stamina and Speed.

Speed = The Sprinting speed of a horse.
Speed is ranked using the following Class system:

S = 3x Avie Run Speed (ARS) {Highest Possible Class} 50 minutes of training time
A = 2.5x ARS 45 minutes of training time
B = 2x ARS 40 minutes of training time
C = 1.5x ARS 35 minutes of training time
D = ARS {Lowest Possible Class}30 minutes of training time
Class D is where horses start

Classes S,A,B,C, and D are trainable and passable

Stamina = The amount of time a horse can sprint without recharging . Stamina is ranked using the following Class system:

S = 50s of sprinting and 50 minutes of training time
A = 45s of sprinting and 45 minutes of training time
B = 40s of sprinting and 40 minutes of training time
C = 35s of sprinting and 35 minutes of training time
D = 30s of sprinting and 30 minutes of training time
Class D is where horses start

Classes S,A,B,C, and D are trainable and passable

XP is gained through training your horse in a given field (speed or stamina) to move from one class to the next you must train from 0% to 100% in the current Class of that field.

XP Gains as follows:

Class D gains XP @ .5% per minute of training
Class C gains XP @ .4% per minute of training
Class B Gains XP @ .3% per minute of training
Class A Gains XP @ .1% per minute of training

To get the horse HUD, go to the main menu and press help tab, then get hud. Attach the HUD, attach your racing trait horse, then connect the horse to the HUD by pressing connect button in the Main Menu of the HUD.

How to Train
Enter Training Mode by clicking Training in the Racing Menu
Select Speed or Stamina from the drop menu
Move using the arrow keys or w a s d keys
You are now Training your horse ( XP gain only occurs while you are moving with the horse)
Click Training in the Racing Menu again to Exit Training ( Training will also end automatically when the horse has reached its daily limit based on its stamina class)
You can only train your horse ONCE daily for the amount of time allotted by the Horses Class and only in one category (speed or stamina)per day.
Ex. I trained my Class D horse for 30 minutes on speed today so I will have to wait for 24 hours before I can train it again for stamina.

How to Race
Enter Racing Mode by clicking on Racing in the Racing Menu
Move using the arrow keys or w a s d keys
Toggle sprint on and off using Page Down/ or C keys (amount of sprinting time/ or stamina reservoir used for sprinting is based upon Stamina Class)
Jump by Tapping Page Up/E Keys.
You are now racing (Speed of horse is based upon Speed Class)
Click Racing in the Racing Menu again to Exit Racing Mode
You can only connect one horse at a time to the HUD, and can only wear one HUD at a time.

One word of warning if you get a horse to S Speed. Fasten your seatbelt! Happy Racing

ARU Website!

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Amaretto Ranch University website. The ARU website is a great tool for anyone attending ARU classes! The website is a great place to keep up with which classes you have or haven’t taken.

Its super easy to sign up just visit the ARU at:

Look for the red terminal in the entry way just click the terminal to begin your sign up process!
A blue drop down menu will show up in the upper right hand corner of your screen this is where you will choose to either sign up or reset your password if you forgot it.

You do not have to wait for email confirmation it will give your user name and temporary password.
Now we need to go to the Amaretto Website to Login:

You MUST use your full SL name if your last name is resident you must put resident,

Once you have signed up for the ARU website it may take a few days for all your classes to show up but don’t worry! If your classes are not showing up after a week please file a support ticket and let us know which classes you are missing,

If you have trouble signing up in world please feel free to sendAvalon Crystal a notecard. I hope that this helps some of you who are confused or having trouble using the ARU website!

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


Happy Hump Day Breeders!

Who’s ready for another Amaretto Market Owners Coalition (AMOC) hunt? Preparations are already being made for a honey of a hunt! 🐝

March will be buzzing with excitement as the 24th AMOC BunKenNestKet Hunt takes place from Friday, March 26th at 2PM (SLT) through Sunday, March 28th at 10AM (SLT).

Hunters will be busy as bees traversing the Second Life grid searching for honey bees! What so special about these bees? Once found, give them a click and they’ll award you a bundle, kennel, nest, or basket! You might even get one of four super-sweet Amaretto prizes. 🐝

The hunt is limited to AMOC group members only. If you’d like to join the AMOC group, just contact any AMOC Officer or an Amaretto Group Moderator for an invite. Group invites will be closed during the hunt, so, get in beforehand!

Want To Host A Hunt Location?

If you would like to be a host sim or parcel in this hunt, sign up as soon as possible! Applications will be limited to 20 Sims. You do not have to be a Market to participate!

Click here for full details and the registration form.

Donations Are Needed!

While we’re talking about hunts…did you know that all AMOC activities are generated solely by donations? During our last hunt, we distributed over 1700 breedables. That’s why we need your generosity and support to make these hunts happen. We sincerely appreciate any unused bundles, kennels, nests, and/or baskets donated.

A current list of all donation boxes can be found by clicking here.

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING! 🐝

Pictionary & Amaretto Events!

Hey Amaretto Breeders! How are you today? Today is another Terrific Tuesday! Man they just keep coming over and over. Today i wanted to talk to everyone about some fun we all had yesterday in case you missed it.

Every week I try to host a fun event for everyone to come out and off their ranches and social with other breeders and this week was a blast we played Pictionary!

Shout out to my girl Snookie for grinding and drawing her way into 1st place!

Next week, we will play greedy and i know how you guys like your Greedy, so I hope you will come join us!

Don’t forget that on the January 28th at 1PM we have the community meeting! We have the community meeting the last Thursday of every month! You never know what information you might learn there! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!