Breeding Terms………..

Hey guys have you ever heard two breeders talking and have no idea what they just said about DOS or Cycles? Well Im here to break it down for you! Never Fear Ava is here!

DOS- DIrect Off Spring – this means that mom or dad had the trait desired but the animal itself does not! (DOS animals can pass the desired trait even if not showing if mom or dad had the trait)

OSOS- Off Spring of Off Spring- this means mom and dad did not have desired traits but grandma or grandfather did. (OSOS animals can pass the desired trait even if not showing if grandma or grandfather had the trait)

Recovery – Waiting period between pregnancies
Descendants – A breeding cycle
Vintage – When a ponie has used all of its descendants
Pairing – Having two specific horses or K-9s breed with each other only
Companion – Having two specific Birds breed with each other only
Cycles – Each bird starts with 12 cycles which means that they can drop 12 nests.
Nesting – Waiting period between nests

Now lets talk about DOS and OS of LE, SE, CE, or DEs.
A DOS of any of the following LE, SE, CE, or DEs must be showing their hidden surprise to pass it into the DOS and OSOS.

Example: I breed 2 DE Sharks together I CAN NOT get the Great White eye from a DOS of the DE unless it is SHOWING the Great White Eye.

This isnt a new concept to Amaretto all LE, SE, CE, and DEs have always worked this way.

Its always a good idea to educate yourself on the truth and learn the ins and outs of Amaretto that is why we have a whole school dedicated to just that! So go check out the ARU if you can! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Breeders!

Cinco De Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over Napoleon III’s French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It is more popularly celebrated in the United States, than in Mexico, with Los Angeles hosting the World’s largest Cinco De Mayo celebration!

Amaretto Celebrates Cinco De Mayo!

In past years, Amaretto has celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some awesome traits and special editions. Let’s take a look!

On May 1, 2013, Amaretto surprised the breeding community with the 2013 Limited Edition Cinco De Mayo Donkeys! The coats or eyes on these Limited Edition Horses did NOT pass. But, they did have the ability to pass you some other hidden surprises!

By breeding these Limited Edition Donkeys you had a possibility to get one of 3 new eyes – Chevron, Pinata, and Poncho. These eyes CAN be passed on.

Also, by breeding any of these Limited Edition Cinco De Mayo Donkeys with any Amaretto breedable horse, you had a chance at a never-before-seen Black Mule. The Black Mule got its eye from the parents and did NOT pass its coat.

On May 5, 2015, Amaretto wanted to celebrate Cinco De Mayo by releasing random drop eyes in the horses, K-9s, and birds! These eyes were available for 24 hours and DO have the ability to pass.

On May 5, 2016, Amaretto wanted to celebrate Cinco De Mayo by releasing random drop eyes in the horses, K-9s, and birds! These eyes were available for 24 hours and DO have the ability to pass.

But that wasn’t all, in addition to the eyes, there were also random drop traits! Any bundle born on May 5, 2016, had the chance of having a Cinco De Mayo Ear Tip, any kennel had the chance of having a Cinco De Mayo Dipped Ear, and any nest had the chance of having a Cinco De Mayo Leg! All these random traits are passable!

On May 1, 2017, Amaretto released 2017 Cinco De Mayo editions. The Guitarra eyes DID pass on these editions!

By breeding 2017 Cinco De Mayo – El Primer Caballero with any other horse there was an opportunity to receive a White Mule. The White Mule got its eye from the parents and did NOT pass its coat.
By breeding the 2017 Cinco De Mayo – El Segundo Caballero with any other K-9 there was the opportunity to receive a Fiesta Chihuahua. The Fiesta Chihuahua Coat DOES have the ability to pass!
By breeding the 2017 Cinco De Mayo – El Tercer Caballero with any other bird there was the opportunity to receive a Fiesta bird. The Fiesta bird DOES have the ability to pass!

With so many Cinco De Mayo traits available, you have a great reason to celebrate Cinco De Mayo – Amaretto style!


SL Issues?

Hey guys! Whats up? Are you having a good Tuesday? I hope you are! Well i was trying to come up with something you guys might actually not already know all about! I was thinking about all the maintenance that has been going on lately and some important things to remember! This may be true with not only Amaretto products but any no copy objects you may have.

If you are experiencing issues with Second Life, you can check to see if there is a known problem with the Second Life grid. Go to for the latest updates on outages and other known problems. This page also shows the calendar of planned server rolling restarts.

Occasionally during LL Maintenance sessions their servers cause things to happen to the Horses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds that shouldn’t. Anything that does happen can be fixed but in order to minimize the chances of something happening here are some helpful tips to pass along:

Do not pick up or attempt to rez out Horses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets or any other products such as food or consumables as sometimes the asset server gets a hiccup and decides to eat them. If you must pickup or rez a orses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets please copy down its FULL API from the description field before doing anything, to make recovering the orses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets Possible

Do not attempt to send a Horse/K-9/Barnyard Bird/Bundle/Kennel/Nest to Horse Haven/Puppy Paradise/Bird Sanctuary as the maintenance can prevent that communication from going through.

Do not attempt to birth Bundles/Kennels/Nests as the maintenance can cause the Bundle/Kennel/Nest to not birth correctly.

Do not move Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets from under the mother until the hover text says it is ready!

If one duplicates don’t rez out 10 more expecting a different result! If you rez any Amaretto animal and it starts duplicating stop rezzing! Dont make a bigger mess than you have to!

In most cases Amaretto can recover lost or missing breedables but you MUST have some information such as UUID or name.
If you need assistance just file a ticket!
Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

May Calendars!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great start to a great week! I wanted to take a few moments to show you what Amaretto is up to this month!

Can you believe we are already in the month of May? Crazy right? 2021 is almost half way over!

Here are the event and ARU Calendars for the month of May!

I hope that you will consider coming out to some of our events.

If you are not currently or have already tried attending some of the ARU classes you should! Classes are short and sweet, teachers are awesome, and you might just learn something you didnt know!

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out! Happy Monday!

Duck Legs!!

Hope everyone is having a great week-end so far!!

Today we will be looking at Duck Legs! They are the perfect addition to your duck project and can add that little something that you feel might be missing.

There are so many to choose from. Duck legs have been around since their initial release on October 8, 2018. The seven original Duck legs were: Lemon, Carrot, Sky, Russet, Peach and Coconut (all which had matching bill traits).

But Amaretto did not stop there!! Many new variations have been added through the last couple years.

From October 20, 2018 through Nov 3, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Halloween and introduced the very first Collector’s Edition Duck which hide the Bloody Leg.

The St. Patrick’s Day with 2019 Collectors Edition Luck of the Irish hide a Shamrock Leg.

Next the 2019 Filigree Gachas came out and passed the Silver Glitter Leg.

Here are all these great Duck Legs:

And now the Halloween 2020 Enchanter Collector’s Editions passed the Grape Leg.

All of these ducks legs do have the ability to PASS, so get out there and add some spark to your ducks today!!


Ponie Albino Eyes!!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!! Can you all believe it is May 1st already!

Today the spotlight is shining on the awesome Albino eyes for our Ponie Pals!

Amaretto Albinos have become somewhat famous in the Amaretto Community. To have such a prized horse born is very exciting. Plus they come with a very special eye that will be sought after by many.

The Albinos come randomly from full siblings. Full siblings are siblings that come from the exact same mother and father. Siblings do not have to have the same traits they only need to be full sibling.

Albinos come with very special Albino Eyes that can be passed on to their offspring.

The ability to get an Albino Ponie was released with the 2.0 update on On May 25, 2020. Albino Eyes DO have the ability to pass!

So let’s get started breeding our Ponie sibs to get a Ponie Albino and one of these awesome eyes!

Till next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend and an amazing week ahead!


Summer is Coming!

What do the last days of April mean? Summer is almost here! for those in the Northern Hemisphere that means sunny skies and warm weather, and hopefully this year, outdoor sports. Over the years Amaretto has released Summer LEs, some of which had sports themes and traits. In 2014 they released the Summer Horses which celebrated the great sport of surfing. They also had hidden inside the 24th trait–saddles!

2015 saw the Under The Sea and Sea Nymph LEs, with some amazing artwork, and of course more hidden surprises. Any breeding of these horses gave you the possibility at the Saddle Rainbow and Saddle Blue.

The 2016 Happy Father’s Day Limited Edition was hiding the Overo Azure, and in dogs it was the Azure Splash Great Dane. This coat celebrated the great sport of baseball. The 2016 Hang Ten was another surfing reference, with the Rip tide eye.

Amaretto celebrated Summer with the release of the 2017 Summer Edition – da-dum da-dum da-dum Horses! It had an adorable shark tail, and the Great White eye. Baby shark do do do do do do. Do you suppose it was chasing the Hang Ten through the ocean?

The Summer Edition horses of 2018 were the Helios and Hecate, which had to be bred together to find the hidden surprises, the Topaz Dazzle and Sapphire Dazzle Horns.

In 2020 Amaretto went back to the ocean again with the Deep Sea Angler Fish. The surprise was 2 brand new bridles, Blue and Orange!

Remember, none of the coats on these LEs passed, but of course the eyes could pass. Speaking of eyes, let us not forget the K-9 Sports eyes celebrating football, soccer, baseball and golf. Maybe using some of these eyes and a few color traits you could make a sports themed Amaretto of your own, with team colors!

Happy Breeding!

Amaretto Extenze Pill!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day! I thought that we could revisit this consumable. Have you ever wished you could breed your prized Amaretto horse one more time after it has retired? You can with the Amaretto Extenze Pill!

How does it work?

Introduced in April 2019, the Extenze Pill is a one-time use consumable that will add 7 days of breeding to any retired horse. The horse cannot have had a Forever Foal used to pet it.

Let me repeat that…

  • Can only be used on retired horses
  • Horses can not be petted
  • Can only be used once per horse

To use, rez the Extenze Pill package to the ground and open it. The contents will appear in a folder in your inventory. Now, from the folder, rez the Extenze Pill next to the horse you wish to add breeding time to and then click the horse for their main menu. Go to the consumables option on the menu, find Extenze, and click it. Once the horse stats have been updated, the consumable will disappear.

Tips for use!

Time is of the essence! To make the most out of the extra time, be sure to do the following prior to using the Extenze Pill on your horse:

  • Heal the horse, if sick. Do this by using a healing kit or feed it breeder food for 3 days. It must be on breeder food!
  • Make sure the horse has 75% happiness or higher. Do this by giving it salt at least 2 days before you use the Extenze. This will allow it to start gaining fervor as soon as its breeding time has been extended.
  • Make sure its intended mate is ready to breed.

The effects of the Extenze Pill will expire after 7 days. This should give you ample time to breed a female horse once and a male horse 3 times, provided you’ve prepped the horse as suggested in the tips above.

Please note, as stated, the Extenze Pill can only be used once per horse. If the extended pill has already been used on a horse, it will state so in the stats.

That extra breeding cycle may drop you a coveted Charmed! Good luck!

This is Ava over and out happy breeding everyone!

Yummy Blueberries!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

Did you know today, April 28th, is National Blueberry Pie Day? Yep, it is! So, let’s take a look and see which sweet traits Amaretto is serving up today!

Here are a few facts you have not have known about blueberries:

  • Blueberries ranked number one in antioxidant health benefits in a comparison with more than 40 fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The blueberry is one of the only foods that are truly naturally blue in color.
  • People have been eating blueberries for more than 13,000 years.
  • The blueberry is the only commercially available fruit that is native to North America.
  • Blueberries were called “star-fruits” by North American indigenous peoples because of the five-pointed star shape that is formed at the blossom end of the berry.
  • A single blueberry bush can produce as many as 6,000 blueberries per year.
  • Consumption of blueberries has been linked to health benefits including a reduced risk of cancer, increased insulin response, a reversal in age-related memory loss, and lowering blood pressure.

Let’s pick some Amaretto Blueberries!

Blueberry traits are available in horses, K-9s, Birds, and Ponies! Aren’t they beautiful?

Enjoy Blueberry Pie day by adding some blueberry traits to your breedables!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Lets Pair them Together!

Hey guys its Ava! Hope everyone is safe and healthy today!

I thought I would take some time and talk about breeding and pairing!
Many use pairing when you want 2 special specific Horses to mate!

Pairing Tips and trouble shooting:

If your horses fail to pair or to breed while paired here is what you should do!
*If paired please unpair and rerezz the two horses, once rerezzed you can re pair the two horses
*If pairing from male to female doesn’t work try the other way around female to male!
*Make sure that horses are the same version
*Make sure that the horses are breeding age
*Confirm you have a female and a male horse
*Confirm that you have spelled the name of each horse exactly as it appears

Here are the steps on how to pair your breedable:
Click on your breedable you want to pair.
Click on Breeding in the drop down Menu
Click on Form Pairing or Companion.
Then you will type the name of the Horse in local that you wish to pair with.

Then you get a drop down menu asking you to confirm or cancel the pairing you would choose confirm

In local chat it will say

Mike is now paired with Katie
Now your breedables are paired and will breed with each other when the time is right.

Remember once they breed pairing is automatically broken so if you wish the same 2 to breed again be sure to re-pair them.

pairing menu
pairing menu1

Remember pairing is a option in breeding horses, you do not have to pair them to breed them but you can if you like!

This is Ava over and out! Happy Pairing everyone!!!