Be Proactive!!

With the update being out now for several weeks, and bundles dropping that are from none updated horses, I felt the need to write this blog as many have stated they “didn’t know”. We at Amaretto take the time EACH DAY to write notices, blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter, etc in order to keep our THOUSANDS of breeders informed. As breeders, you need to be proactive and keep yourself informed, it is very important so that you do not miss out on fixes, sales, and important happenings within the community and with your animals. I have posted all the links below to our Facebook, Twitter, Connection, Blog, and Social Network, as well as all the store locations which have a group joiner so you can be a part of our MANY groups. Just like you need to protect yourself from copy botters and scammers, you need to keep yourselves informed!!

Happy Breeding!!


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