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Designer Breeders Exposure Event!

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I was wondering if there is any way that we can give credits to those patient breeders who put out all those wonderful traits together in an event that is called Designer Breeders Expo. Could be once a month, or once every quarter. Just a thought of making sure that breeders are not left out and being recognised on their long lasting efforts. With everyone chasing the newest thing and the newest trait in the grid, sometimes we get distracted on focusing on our breeding projects, but the designer breeders are patient and persistent with crafting their horse traits into one Designer Horse. Isn't that amazing how they persevere in each day they wait to the next trait introduced to the herd to come together in a wonderful Designer Creation. In every trait that comes perfectly added which really takes time. Sometimes by the time it is all together, your horse already feels old because everyone is chasing the new traits. I think Designer Breeder Expo would be a way to motivate Designer Breeders to keep going. 

Just a suggestion anyway and I wonder if anybody out there feels the same. There can be criteria set, example: 

Designer Expo Panel: 500L payment each. Making sure that only serious Designer Breeders join.

The monies from the Designer Panels will be the priced to the Best Designer Breeder of the Quarter. 

Designer Horse will be bid starting 5000. If the Designer Breeder have more copies of that horse, it can be sold separately at 5k starting in direct sales. 

The winning Designer Horse can be revamped and redesigned by Amaretto for the next horse Limited Edition Horse for sale. 

Just a thought. If you like this comment below and maybe the Amaretto Gods will do something similar. 🙂 



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