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Rules and Requirements!

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  • Amaretto Admin

Below Zero

Ends Jan 31 2024
8 Traits 
2 winter/christmas traits
has to born after 9/27/2023

ooak from  2021

Hey everyone its time for our next breeding contest! So I am excited to announce the Below Zero Breeding Contest!  Lets talk about the rules!

Must have a min of 2 Winter or Christmas Traits!
Must be born between September 25, 2023 and January 31, 2024!
Must have 8 non starter Traits!
No Charmed 
No Albino
No Special Breeders such as: Elemental, Mules, Zodiac, Confection, Dazzle, Reptile, Rune, Vaporwave, Space Odyssey
No Null Traits
Fresian mane and tail on a Fresian horse do not count towards the 8 traits!
YOU must have breed the bundle, meaning you cant buy it, I can tell if you have breed your entry!
Amaretto reserves the right to not accept any entry

Lets talk about Winter & Christmas traits any trait with Winter, Snowflake, Christmas, Candy Cane, Ice or Icy will qualify. 

Here is a list:

Snowdrop Garnet
Glacial Eye
Christmas Candy Eyes
Reindeer Eyes
Coal Eyes
Festive Fruit Cake
Candy Cane
Winter Snowflake
Christmas Quilt
Buttercream Frosting
Auld Langs Eye
Flor de Pascua
Magic Of Christmas Purple
Magic Of Christmas Red Eye
Peppermint Twist
Here Comes Santa Claus
...are you listening?
Hark to the drum
Holly Jolly
Shiny Black Paint
Santa's Elf
Christmas Carols
Merry Little Christmas
The Christmas Candle
Christmas Bells
Merry Christmas 2015
Winter Snow
Green Christmas Sweater
Reindeer Games
Snow Flurry Frost
Snow Flurry Mint
Kriss Kringle
Sugarplum Fairy
Christmas Sleigh Gold
Christmas Sleigh Icy
Christmas Plaid
Gift Wrap
O Tannenbaum
Glad Tidings
Yuletide Cheer
Twinkling Tinsel
Frozen Aurora
Merry Christmas 2015 
Merry Christmas 2016!
Merry Christmas 2017
Hot Cocoa
Holly Turquoise
Winter Frost



Winter Snowflake Branding
Candy Cane Branding

Candy Cane Bridle

Ear Tip:
Snowflake Ear Tip
Candy Cane Ear Tip

Saddle Snowflake
Saddle Candy Cane

Christmas Plaid

Wings:First Frost
Ice Wine
Magic of Christmas
First Frost Night Fall
Ice Wine Night Fall
Winter Snowflake
Candy Cane
Snow Owl



Gem Crown - Frostbitten
Coveted Circlet - Ice


Hoof Winter Snowflake
Hoof Candy Cane
Hoof Festive Fruit Cake
Hoof Eggnogg
Winter Snowflake Sock
Candy Cane Sock
Looney Leg Ribbon



Cocoa Lipizzan
Perlino Cocoa
Craved Sprinkled Glazed Cocoa Lipizzan
Any Color Icelino
Glacier Crazed Coat Sorrel
Snow Marwari
Magic Of Christmas
Any Craved Snowflake
Christmas Pine Lipizzan
Yule Bay

Looney Leg Brilliant Stars

***Any wild hair from the above listed Coats



Brilliant Stars
Golden Orb
Sea Bubbles
Icy Brilliant Stars


Coat Chill
Hair Chill

This is a huge list, so if you find a trait you think should be on here and is not please contact Avalon Crystal  to get it added! 

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal and ask, I would rather you guys ask me then me have to tell you your Horse doesn't meet the requirements!

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